Damage Assessment Forms for Active Projects

Damage Assessment Forms (DAFs)

NOTE 1: These DAF forms have been received by HQ, though not all DAFs may have yet been approved by FHWA. Unapproved DAF forms are not yet eligible for ER funding until they receive FHWA signature and approval. 

NOTE 2: This page is continuously being updated and is a work in progress. Check back often if the information you are seeking is not yet posted. You may also contact the ER Coordinator at the link provided at the bottom of this web page.

For project specific and call for projects questions, please contact your:

For general program questions you may contact:

Daniel Karavan (Districts 1,2,3)

Dalton LaBoskey (Disricts 4,8,9)

Anmol Mishra (Districts 5,6,10)

Jasdeep Sandhu (Districts 7,11,12)

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