First Local Agency Steps

Note: The application process varies slightly with each declared disaster event.

  • Declare a "State Of Emergency" to CalOES
  • Go to: CalOES and search on "Emergency Proclamations" This is required in order to get the "Governor's Proclamation of a State of Emergency".
  • Go to the Functional Classification or CRS maps (the first layer of California Highway System) and determine which of your damaged routes are FHWA funded or "Fed-aid routes"
  • Take photos of the damage on federal-aid routes, prior to starting any repairs
  • Start repairs on any Emergency Opening damage
  • Fill out the Initial Damage Estimate spreadsheet (see Application/Forms) (separate FHWA [federal-aid] and non-federal-aid routes and email to and your district contact [see the DLAE contact list at: Local Assistance Contacts ])
  • Once the Governor Proclaims a State of Emergency and the TOTAL Federal aid route damage repair estimate exceeds $700,000, Caltrans will apply to FHWA for ER eligibility
  • Once FHWA acknowledges Caltrans eligibility request, start filling in DAFs for each site and scheduling field reviews with your DLAE contact
  • Once the district approves the DAF they will send them to Caltrans HQ
  • Caltrans HQ reviews the DAFs and forwards them to FHWA
  • Once the DAFs have been sent to FHWA the agency can send an E-76 (Request for Authorization) to the district, which is a request for funding see the Local Assistance Procedures Manual (LAPM ) at: Local Assistance Procedures Manual (LAPM) for the Project Authorization process

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