Report & Status

Following you will find the latest status on local agency ER project submittals and, when determined. the reply to the request.  For questions on these or to report any errors or updates please email the contact noted next to the associated link.

ER Time Extension Requests (to E76 CON deadline)

ER Time Extension Request Submittal Packages Received (for 2023 FFY)

Damage Assessment Forms (DAF) (Requests for Approval of New and Revised DAFs)

DAF Submittal Packages Received (PDF) (new and/or revised)

DAF Submittal Packages Received (XLSX)

For project specific and call for projects questions, please contact your:

For general program questions you may contact:

Daniel Karavan (Districts 1,2,3)

Dalton LaBoskey (Disricts 4,8,9)

Anmol Mishra (Districts 5,6,10)

Jasdeep Sandhu (Districts 7,11,12)

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