ATP Project Reporting

Upon acceptance into the Active Transportation Program (ATP), project sponsors must submit quarterly Project Progress Reports, a Completion Report and a Final Delivery Report to Caltrans toward implementation of a project to ensure projects are executed in a timely fashion and within the approved scope and budget.

Consequences for not reporting include but are not limited to:

  1. Written warning
  2. Required to appear before the Commission
  3. Agency placed on a Watch List
  4. For the most egregious situations:
    • Ineligible for future allocations or programming actions
    • Reduced reimbursements

All projects, except Plan projects, require before and after counts. Before counts must be conducted no more than six months before the contract award/construction phase begins date. When conducting counts, the use of the Interim Count Guidance (PDF) and the Active Transportation Program Policy on User Counts is required.

 FY 23/24 Quarter 4 Reporting Timeline  
CalSMART sends reporting notice 6/15/2024
CalSMART opens for reporting 07/01/2024
Progress reports due to CalSMART 07/15/2024
Corrections requested by Caltrans due from project sponsor 07/31/2024


CalSMART is an online reporting tool used for quarterly Reporting on Senate Bill 1 programs, including the ATP. To register for an account, go to and request access to the “Other SB 1 Funded Programs” module.

Quick-Build Progress Reporting: Quick-Build Progress Reports are NOT submitted via the CalSMART reporting system. Quick-Build Progress Reports will be submitted via an excel reporting template Quick-Build Progress Reporting (Excel).

Progress Reports cover current and future anticipated milestones, expenditures and benefits of a project. Caltrans will review Progress Reports and if submitted with missing or incorrect information, those reports will be sent back for corrections. If a report is sent back and the corrections are not made by the correction deadline – the project sponsor may be considered non-compliant with the SB 1 Accountability and Transparency Guidelines and reported to the Commission.

For questions regarding ATP Quarterly Progress Reporting, please contact

*Completion Reports are due within six months of construction contract acceptance or the project becoming operable (open to the public), or all Non-Infrastructure (NI) activities are complete.

*Final Delivery Reports (FDR's) are due within 180 days of the conclusion of all remaining project activities beyond the acceptance of the construction contract to reflect final project expenditures, any changes that occurred after submittal of the Completion Report and actual after user counts are required using the Interim Count Guidance (PDF).

As of January 1st, Completion and the Final Delivery Reports are included for submittal in CalSMART. When completing a Progress Report and an Actual Completion Date is entered in the past, CalSMART will ask if you’d like to change your Progress Report to a Completion or Final Delivery Report. Completion and Final Delivery Reports can be submitted at any time. You do not need to wait for an open reporting period.

“Quick-Build Completion Final Reporting: Quick-Build Completion Final Reports are NOT submitted via the Cal SMART reporting system. Quick-Build Completion Final Reports will be submitted via an excel reporting template Quick Build Completion Final Report Template.

Photo release form and a copy of Final Report of Expenditure are required with the Quick Build Completion Final Report submission.”

Supplemental Documents are required to be submitted with the Final Delivery Report to as soon as a Final Delivery Report is submitted via CalSMART.

Types of Supplementals Required

Combo (IF & NI)

IF Only

NI Only





PLAN Project Details Sheet

NI and Combo Project Details Sheet


NI and Combo Project Details Sheet




For questions regarding Completion and Final Delivery Reporting, please contact

All reporting provisions specified in the SB 1 Accountability and Transparency Guidelines apply to ATP projects, including the report content, submission timeline and consequences for noncompliance. 

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