ATP Project Reporting

Upon acceptance into the Active Transportation Program (ATP), implementing agencies must submit Project Progress Reports, a Project Completion Report and a Final Delivery Report to Caltrans on the activities and progress made toward implementation of the project. An agency implementing a project in the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) selected portion of the program must submit copies of reports to Caltrans and the MPO to ensure projects are executed in a timely fashion and within the scope and budget identified when the decision was made to fund the project.

ATP Reporting Q&A(PDF)

Reporting Process: CalSMART is an online reporting tool that has been in use for several months for the Local Streets and Roads (LSR) and State of Good Repair (SGR) programs. Caltrans has expanded the capacity of CalSMART to allow it to be used for quarterly progress reporting on other Senate Bill 1 programs, including the ATP. Users who already have an account need to login and request access to the “Other SB 1 Funded Programs” module.

New Users: To register for an account, go to and request access to the “Other SB 1 Funded Programs” module.

Current Reporting Period (19/20 Q2): Reports due Friday, January 31st.

  1. 19/20 Q1 Project Reporting Status (excel)
  2. 19/20 Q2 Project Reports due (excel)
  3. CalSMART Progress Reporting Instructions (word)
  4. Questions? Email
  5. If your project is approaching the construction phase and you are conducting the pre-project user counts please use the Interim Count Guidance

For Completed Projects:
*Completion Reports are due within six months of construction contract acceptance or the project becoming operable (open to the public), or all Non-Infrastructure (NI) activities are complete. Projected after user counts are required in the Completion Report. 

*Final Delivery Reports are due within 180 days of the conclusion of all remaining project activities beyond the acceptance of the construction contract to reflect final project expenditures, any changes that occurred after submittal of the Completion Report and actual after user counts are required using the Interim Count Guidance.

If your project meets these requirements, complete the Local Assistance Program Guidelines Exhibit 22-T(PDF) along with the Exhibit 22-T Instructions(Word). Exhibit 22-T doubles as the Completion and the Final Delivery Report. If your project has non-infrastructure components, the NI and Combo Project Details Sheet(Word) must be submitted with the Completion and Final Delivery Report. If your project is a PLAN, the PLAN Project Details Sheet(Word) must be submitted with the Completion and Final Delivery Report.

  1. When submitting the Completion Report, check the Completion Report box, complete form, save, and submit.
  2. When submitting your Final Delivery Report, uncheck the Completion Report box, check the Final Delivery Report box, make updates, save, and submit.

2019/20 Quarterly Progress Reporting Rounds for ATP:

Due Date to Caltrans Timeframe to Cover Presented to Commission
October 31, 2019 (extended to November 15th) Quarter 1 (July 1 – September 30, 2019) NA
January 31, 2020 Quarter 2 (October 1 – December 31, 2019) March 25-26, 2020 (quarters 1 & 2)
April 30, 2020 Quarter 3 (January 1 – March 31, 2020) NA
July 31, 2020 Quarter 4 (April 1 – June 30, 2020) October 14-15, 2020 (quarters 3 & 4)

Commission's SB 1 Implementation Plan. All reporting provisions specified in the SB 1 Accountability and Transparency Guidelines apply to ATP projects, including the report content, submission timeline and consequences for noncompliance.

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