ATP Technical Advisory Committee

History and Formation

After Senate Bill No. 99 established the Active Transportation Program in 2013, Caltrans and the California Transportation Commission (CTC) built the California Active Transportation Program (ATP) Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). The ATP TAC is an action-oriented committee that supports Caltrans' and the CTC’s management and delivery of the ATP by providing balanced strategic technical guidance and assistance with complex program decisions that enable and maximize continuous improvement of the ATP.

In 2015 Caltrans solicited self-nominations and nominations from various governmental agencies to fill the ATP TAC vacancies. By fall of that year, all positions had been successfully appointed.

The ATP TAC Charter outlines the framework of the ATP TAC.


ATP TAC members represent a diverse statewide constituency including north, central, and south geographies, rural, urban and suburban community types, including disadvantaged communities, and members representing the needs and interests of all active transportation users. Our members represent public agencies, stakeholders, and non-profit advocacy organizations. To see a list of members, view the Organizational Chart.

For Meeting Agendas and Minutes prior to 2019, please reach out to ATP TAC Coordinator.

If you have any questions, please contact Ali Doerr Westbrook at (279) 234-4278.

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