ATP Technical Advisory Committee

In 2013, Senate Bill No. 99 established the Active Transportation Program (ATP) and identified the California Transportation Commission (CTC) and Caltrans as responsible for development, administration, and management of the ATP. Together, Caltrans and the CTC have established the new ATP – Technical Advisory Committee (ATP-TAC) to provide balanced strategic technical guidance and assist with complex program decisions to enable and maximize continuous improvement of the ATP.

Caltrans solicited self-nominations and accepted applications in July and August 2015 to fill twelve vacancies. In addition, Caltrans solicited nominations from various governmental agencies to fill eleven vacancies. As of the end of September, co-chairs have made final selections for the ATP-TAC. See the org chart below to view those who were successfully appointed a seat on the committee.

ATP-TAC Org Chart

ATP TAC Charter

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