ATP General and Technical Information

  1. Program Guidelines
  2. Supplemental Program Guidelines
  3. ATP Documents & Forms
  4.       LAPG Chapter 22-Exhibits (Forms)     Allocation/Timely Use of Funds (Ex. B,O)     Scope Change/Funding Distribution Change (Ex. D,E,G)
        Non-Infrastructure or Plan (Ex. P,R)
        Project Reporting (Ex.T)
  5. Corps Information
  6. Master Agreement (MA) Information
  7. Audit Information
  8. Previous Cycle Guidelines
  9. When feasible, all ATP projects are expected to follow the latest LAPG Chapter 22 ATP Guidelines. If the implementing agency believes that meeting the new guidelines will cause an undue hardship, then they can submit a request to their DLAE to be allowed to follow the guidelines that were in place at the time there project was selected.
  10. Additional ATP Resources