This feel-good gesture comes with a tax deduction, too


California Transportation Foundation logo

The California Transportation Foundation is ready when you need help – so please consider paying it forward and giving CTF a tax-deductible donation today!

CTF is the leading charitable organization serving California’s transportation community. Its many charitable programs include:

  • Scholarships for future transportation leaders. We have awarded 40 such scholarships totaling more than $1.2 million since our founding in 1988, including $98,000 in 2018.
  • Injured and fallen worker grants. We provide financial assistance for the families of transportation workers who are injured or killed on the job.
  • Fire victims funds. We give financial aid to transportation workers who lost their homes in the fires of 2018.
  • Several other assistance and/or memorial funds to assist Caltrans workers and/or their families through difficult times.

If you wish to donate, visit and click on the name of the fund listed on the drop-down menu, or mail a check to CTF at 581 La Sierra Drive, Sacramento, CA 95864.

Late last year, the foundation established the Gary Morin Assistance Fund and will match donations up to $5,000. Morin is a District 3 maintenance worker who was critically injured on Dec. 7, 2018, while doing routine pothole filling at the eastbound Interstate 80 connector ramp from eastbound Highway 50.

CTF established the Estebari Memorial Fund in memory of Morteza Estebari, a District 7 employee whose death was not work-related. We will be collecting donations to the fund, but CTF will not match donations.

CTF also is collecting donations for Caltrans retirees who lost their homes in the Camp Fire in Paradise, and will match donations dollar for dollar.

Please show your support and like, follow and subscribe to CTF on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.