November 2017

District/Division Name Position Years of Service
  Satyendra M. Jha Associate Transportation Engineer 28

December 2017

District/Division Name Position Years of Service
2 Chris Cummings Supervising Transportation Engineer 30
2 Allen Shorey Equipment Operator II 44
3 Ronald N. Bartlett Warehouse Worker 20
3 C. Andrew Brandt Principal Transportation Engineer 29
3 John P. Carson Senior Transportation Engineer 34
3 Gary L. Dossey Associate Transportation Engineer (Registered) 34
3 Robert Drown Transportation Engineer (Civil) 17
3 Steve C. Gaytan Transportation Engineer (Civil) 29
3 Cindy L. Graham Senior Transportation Engineer 34
3 David Inman Office Technician (General) 46
3 John R. Keber Associate Transportation Engineer (Registered) 36
3 Michael J. Langley Transportation Engineer (Civil) 27
3 David G. Maas
Safety Specialist 20
3 Richard V. Olson Associate Environmental Planner (Archeology) 20
3 Christopher D. Quiney Supervising Environmental Planner 28
3 Deann Spangler Senior Transportation Engineer 20
3 David C. Watkins Transportation Engineer (Civil) 17
3 Thomas P. Wood Supervising Transportation Engineer 31
4 Phillip J. Badal Senior Environmental Planner 30
4 John C. Brewster Senior Transportation Engineer 33
4 Bao T. Chan Senior Transportation Engineer 34
4 David C. Chen Associate Transportation Engineer 38
4 Eileen Choa Transportation Engineer (Civil) 28
4 Elizabeth DelRosario Transportation Engineer (Civil) 30
4 Thomas P. Fung Senior Transportation Engineer 26
4 Byron J. Gong Structural Steel Painter Supervisor 38
4 Brenda S. Gooding Associate Environmental Planner 30
4 Hamid Karami Transportation Engineer (Civil) 29
4 Stephen C. Lau Transportation Engineer (Civil) 37
4 Robin B. Pon Transportation Engineer (Civil) 34
4 N Susan Skarshaug Structural Steel Painter Supervisor 29
4 Lily Y.L. Ting Associate Transportation Engineer (Specialist) 33
4 Chien S. Wu Senior Transportation Engineer 32
4 Baron G. Ow Yeong Associate Transportation Electrical Engineer (Supervisor) 37
5 William L. Arkfeld Transportation Engineer (Civil) 32
5 Katherine M. Carrillo
Associate Governmental Program Analyst 27
5 Richard Ferrall Electrical Engineering Technician III 36
5 Paul Y. Matsuyama Landscape Associate 37
5 Paul  T. McClintic Senior Transportation Engineer 28
5 John A. Papathakis Transportation Engineer (Civil) 37
5 Martin A. Sanchez Maintenance Manager I 34
6 Foad Al-Hamdani Senior Transportation Engineer 28
6 John O. Beck Staff Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 28
6 Morris J. Caudle Associate Governmental Program Analyst 27
6 Alemu M. Endale Transportation Surveyor 20
6 Robert L. James Supervising Transportation Engineer 34
6 John K. Nail Maintenance Area Superintendent 40
6 Michael D. Rankin Transportation Engineer (Civil) 39
6 Kewal S. Virk Senior Transportation Engineer 27
7 Anwar Aziz Transportation Engineer (Civil) 38
7 Farzad Bahri Transportation Engineer (Civil) 30
7 Mark Burkett Transportation Engineer (Civil) 33
7 Martin Coronado Transportation Engineer (Civil) 38
7 Fidel A. Fortunato Transportation Engineer (Civil) 37
7 Randall Goff Transportation Engineer (Civil) 37
7 Ralph J. Griffo Transportation Engineer (Electrical) 37
7 Bernard Mack Transportation Engineer (Civil) 37
7 Sixto M. Ramin Transportation Engineer (Civil) 29
7 Roger San Juan Transportation Engineer (Civil) 38
7 Rosa L. San Juan Transportation Engineer (Civil) 38
7 Billy W. Shatto Transportation Engineering Technician 40
7 Mildred M. Yamada Transportation Engineer (Civil) 35
7 Duane Yeto Maintenance Supervisor 26
7 Ted Zehfuss Transportation Surveyor 20
8 Darlene Batiste Associate Governmental Program Analyst 29
8 Steven D. Pink Transportation Engineering Technician 40
8 Paula S. Savage Electrical Area Superintendent 38
10 Noreen Dovales-Morgan Landscape Maintenance Worker 28
10 Robert Sanchez Equipment Operator II  37
11 Antonio C. Araullo Transportation Engineer (Civil) 19
11 Ken Brownell Landscape Associate 29
11 Rodolfo D. Gabriel Transportation Engineer (Civil) 17
11 Maria-Luisita R. Garcia Staff Services Analyst 21
11 David S. Hardesty Plumber 20
11 John C. Hurtzig Landscape Associate 33
11 John R. Keener Maintenance Area Superintendent 35
11 John Kempf Associate Transportation Engineer (Registered) 29
11 Qingqing Lu Transportation Engineer (Electrical) 23
11 Carleen Navarro Associate Governmental Program Analyst 33
11 Frank J. Negrete Highway Maintenance Leadworker 37
11 John Tonarely Transportation Engineer (Civil) 34
12 Nahid Baghbanian Senior Transportation Engineer 29
12 Majid Banihashemi Transportation Engineer (Civil) 29
12 Paul R. Berube Highway Maintenance Leadworker 40
12 Shif Deneke Transportation Engineer (Civil) 30
12 Maria Espinoza-Yepez Staff Services Manager I 34
12 Massoud Tajik Senior Transportation Engineer 25
12 Habib Temori Transportation Engineer (Civil) 34
12 Nita Upadhyaya Senior Transportation Engineer 27
12 Nabil Y. Yassa Transportation Engineer (Civil) 33
Accounting Rita Penk Holm Accountant I (Specialist) 35
Aeronautics Colette A. Armao Associate Transportation Planner 18
Business, Facilities & Security Lance M. Hibben Staff Services Manager III 28
Construction James G. Cotey Senior Transportation Engineer 37
Construction Basil S. Miranda Materials and Research Engineering Associate (Specialist) 30
Construction Douglas C. Saathoff Senior Transportation Engineer 35
Construction John C. Stayton Principal Transportation Engineer 31
Design Timothy L. Craggs Division Chief of Design (C.E.A.) 39
Design Keith Robinson Principal Landscape Architect 36
Engineering Services Rebecca Alvarez Associate Governmental Program Analyst 40
Engineering Services Nasser Assadi Transportation Engineer (Civil) 31
Engineering Services Steven E. Banz Office Assistant (General) 28
Engineering Services William C. Brook Senior Bridge Engineer 26
Engineering Services Steven R. Elkins Associate Bridge Engineer 34
Engineering Services Jorge I. Estrada Senior Bridge Engineer 26
Engineering Services Chien-Liang Feng Transportation Engineer (Civil) 27
Engineering Services Gilel Klebanov Senior Bridge Engineer 20
Engineering Services Laura J. Luce Senior Transportation Engineer 34
Engineering Services Muhammad G. Luqman Senior Engineering Geologist 26
Engineering Services Mildred M. Macaranas Office Technician (Typing) 18
Engineering Services Javad Massoomi Transportation Engineer (Civil) 30
Engineering Services Seyed M. Moakhar Transportation Engineer (Civil) 30
Engineering Services Frank H. Moore Foundation Driller 12
Engineering Services Reagan Newman Transportation Engineering Technician 19
Engineering Services Ron Richman Senior Materials and Research Engineer 34
Engineering Services Julia E. Rockenstein Transportation Engineer (Civil) 26
Engineering Services Victor T. Saengkeo Transportation Engineer (Civil) 17
Engineering Services Joseph Shanabrook Materials and Research Engineering Associate (Specialist) 37
Engineering Services Michael J. Sullivan Materials and Research Engineering Associate (Specialist) 28
Engineering Services John L. Thorne Engineering Geologist 36
Engineering Services Vong D. Toan Supervising Bridge Engineer 31
Engineering Services Garry L. Tolen Senior Bridge Engineer 29
Equipment Timothy Barton Highway Equipment Superintendent II 29
Equipment Roger Everett Highway Equipment Superintendent III 29
Equipment William O'Pecko Laborer 17
Equipment Michael Tanner Highway Equipment Superintendent I 23
Information Technology Bobby O. Burk Associate Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 31
Information Technology Philip Faires Associate Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 29
Information Technology Darenda Kimm Associate Information Systems Analyst (Specialist) 31
Information Technology Kuen Lu Systems Software Specialist I 29
Information Technology Tami Mori-Tanaka Data Processing Manager II 38
Information Technology Suzanne M. Slayton Data Processing Manager III
Legal Manuel Alvarado Deputy Attorney IV 27
Legal Jill Siciliano Deputy Attorney IV 28
Legal Cynthia L. Smith Special Investigator 32
Maintenance Anthony G. Ramirez Maintenance Area Superintendent 38
Maintenance John C. Rogers Senior Bridge Engineer 30
Maintenance Ulysses A. Salazar Associate Telecommunications Engineer 23
Maintenance Takeshi Tokunaga Senior Telecommunications Engineer 28
Maintenance Gregory K. J. Tom Senior Transportation Engineer 30
Procurement & Contracts Debbie M. Noda Associate Governmental Program Analyst 20
Research, Innovation, & System Information Susan Tyson-Smith Associate Transportation Planner 33
Research, Innovation, & System Information John E. Williams Materials & Research Engineering Associate (Specialist) 18
Right of Way and Land Surveys Denny Fong Senior Transportation Engineer 18
Transportation Planning Diana Portillo Research Program Specialist II 37

January 2018

District/Division Name Position Years of Service
5 Naguib G. Mekhel Transportation Engineer (Civil) 18
Equipment John Kennedy Highway Equipment Superintendent I 18
Human Resources Susan S. Wong Personnel Specialist 10
Research, Innovation, & System Information Lars E. Olson Associate Transportation Planner 16

February 2018

District/Division Name Position Years of Service
3 Farrell Savage-Low Data Processing Manager I 30
4 Jessie F. Cabugao Associate Transportation Electrical Engineer (Specialist) 37
5 Leo Savalin Transportation Engineer (Civil) 20
7 Marvin J. Pruitt Maintenance Manager II 40
8 Brenda D. Anderson Maintenance Supervisor 33
12 Joe A. Acosta Jr. Equipment Operator II 21
12 Matthew J. Leonard Highway Maintenance Worker 20
Business, Facilities & Security Ronald K. Thornsberry Printing Trades Supervisor I (General) 35
Engineering Services Douglas J. Dunrud Senior Bridge Engineer 29
Information Technology Michael Jackson Information Technology Specialist I 11