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Date:         December 15, 2023

District:    7- Los Angeles & Ventura Counties

Contact:   Marc Bischoff

E-mail:      marc.bischoff@dot.ca.gov    
  Caltrans District 7 News Releases

For Immediate Release   


Caltrans Will Reopen Lanes on State Route 33 in Ventura County

Solar Powered Signals Will Control Traffic at Five Locations


Ventura County - The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) will reopen State Route 33 (SR-33) to the public between Matilija Hot Springs Road and Lockwood Valley Road in Los Padres National Forest at 8 a.m. on Monday, December 18, just in time for the holidays. There will be five different locations with one-way traffic control managed by solar powered traffic signals. Outside of those five locations there will be one lane open to traffic in each direction, as is normal.

Approximately 32 miles of highway have been closed since January 10, 2023. This section of SR-33 experienced extensive mudslides, rockslides, erosion, and sections of collapsed roadway. Repairs and traffic control will extend into 2024. The estimated total construction cost for all repairs is $35 million.               



Solar powered traffic signal on State Route 33 for construction zone at post mile 14.35.

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When the highway reopens, the solar powered traffic signals will be located at the following post mile locations, with two signals per each construction site:

·      First signal at post mile 14.21 / second signal at post mile 14.41.

·      First signal at 17.39 / second signal at 17.53.

·      First signal at 24.62 / second signal at 25.60.

·      First signal at 27.28 / second signal at 27.32.

·      First signal at 42.82 / second signal at 44.34.

The signals will be monitored on a regular basis. More signals may be added at later dates. The time cycles for each signal will vary, but drivers should expect delays of ten to thirty minutes per signal. Delays may also vary depending on the number of vehicles on the highway. Driving through all five signals may add 90 minutes to the normal drive time. Signs with beacons advising delay times are placed at each signal. Please expect delays and allow extra travel time.

As repairs continue, a total of four retaining walls will be constructed at post miles 14.35, 22.48, 24.78, and 25.55. Major slope repair continues at multiple locations, including post mile 42.92 and post mile 44.13.

At post mile 14.35 the highway has been under one-way alternating traffic control with a solar powered signal since last spring. The slope there will be repaired, and a retaining wall will be constructed. AT&T, Southern California Edison, and the Meiners Oak Water District will relocate utility lines to allow reconstruction of the roadway and embankment.

There are still multiple active construction zones. Please drive through the work zones slowly and with extreme caution. The normal posted speed limit along this section of SR-33 varies from 20 to 35 miles per hour, but in the construction zones the posted speed limits are as low as 10 miles per hour. Motor vehicles will also share the road with bicyclists.   


SR-33 is still subject to temporary full closures depending on construction needs. Future winter storms may cause additional damage or hazardous driving conditions that may also require full highway closures. Watch for updates on “X” (formerly Twitter) at https://twitter.com/CaltransDist7 and for road closure updates at https://quickmap.dot.ca.gov/ .                  ###