Traffic Census Program

Traffic Counts (a.k.a. Traffic Volumes) are for the State Highway System only (in various formats).

Highways are signed as Interstate, California State Route, or United States Route. See examples below:

interstate route shield   state route shield   US route shield

Traffic count information for city and county streets may be found at the city Traffic Engineering or Public Works Department, or the Community Development Office in the area where the street is located.

Caltrans Traffic Counts are summarized annually into four categories:

Traffic Volumes: Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

For ALL vehicles on CA State Highways.

by Webpage:  2017

by PDF: 2016-AADT (PDF) | 2015-AADT (PDF) | 2014-AADT (PDF) | 2013-AADT (PDF)

by Excel: 2018-AADT (XLSX) | 2017-AADT (XLSX) | 2016-AADT (XLSX) | 2015-AADT (XLSX) | 2014 -AADT(XLSX) | 2013-AADT (XLSX) 

**An error was reported on the Traffic Volumes on California State Highways Years 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. Located in the Preface (Page ii), Traffic Trend on Year 2008 over 2007 reads +3.5%. Instead, this number should be reported as -3.5%.

Truck Traffic: Annual Average Daily Truck Traffic

For truck traffic on CA State Highways.

by PDF:  2016-AADT Truck (PDF) | 2015-AADT Truck (PDF)  | 2014-AADT Truck (PDF) | 2013-AADT Truck (PDF)

by Excel: 2018-AADT Truck (XLSX) | 2017-AADT Truck (XLSX) | 2016-AADT Truck (XLSX) | 2015-AADT Truck (XLSX) | 2014-AADT Truck (XLSX) | 2013-AADT Truck (XLSX) 

Ramp Volumes

For ramp volumes on California State Freeways, by Caltrans District.

  • Legend of District County Names (JPG)
by PDF:
by Excel:

Peak Hour Volume Data

Hourly volume relationships and traffic monitoring sites on the State Highway System.
Morning (AM) and evening (PM) peak periods are expressed as a percentage of AADT.

by Year:  2017 (PDF)2017 (XLS)2016 (PDF)2016 (XLSX) | 2015 (PDF) | 2015 (XLSX) | 2014 (XLSX)

For questions regarding AADT reports, Ramp Volumes, or the Peak Hour Volume Data Reports above, please contact:

For AADT GIS data, visit the Caltrans GIS Data webpage.