Mobility Performance Reporting and Analysis Program

The Mobility Performance Reporting and Analysis Program (MPRAP) manages the quarterly and annual reporting of transportation system performance information. The annual Mobility Performance Report (MPR) is legislatively mandated by Government Code section 14032.6:

"The department shall, within existing resources, collect, analyze, and summarize highway congestion data and make it available upon request to California regional transportation planning agencies, congestion management agencies, and transit agencies."

Prior to 2009, Caltrans' annual congestion report was known as the State Highway Congestion Monitoring Program (HICOMP) Annual Data Compilation.  The name was changed in recognition of the large methodological changes that were implemented starting in 2009.  Because of these changes, comparison of the data between the two reports is not recommended.

Headquarters Staff: Email: Phone:
Binoy Alexander, Manager/Coordinator
Office of Performance, Traffic Data Branch (916) 654-6939
Tennille Haberman, Branch Chief
Traffic Data Branch (916) 654-3626