Life Cycle Cost Analysis

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Aerial Photo of Interchange

RealCost Version 2.5.6CA (ZIP) (Note: The major changes for the RealCost 2.5.6CA version are: Windows 10 compatibility; Unit cost updates for major materials based on 2016 Caltrans contract cost data; Report function to create the result in an MS Word file).

Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Procedures Manual – August 1, 2013 (PDF)

Life Cycle Cost Analysis Procedures Manual (Individual Sections):

References - August 1, 2013 (PDF)

LCCA Online Training for RealCost Version 2.5CA

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LCCA District Peer Exchange

Transmittal of LCCA Information

  • A copy of the completed project initiation document, project report, or project scope summary report with life-cycle costs included shall be sent to either of the following:

Attn: HQ Program Advisor
HQ Division of Maintenance, Pavement Program
2389 Gateway Oaks, Suite 200, MS 91
Sacramento, CA 95833   

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Note - Caltrans employees can access training information on Caltrans Pavement Program Intranet Technical Training Webpage.