Native American Cultural Studies

The Caltrans Division of Environmental Analysis, Native American Cultural Studies Branch, in coordination with Caltrans Districts, facilitates the engagement and participation of Native American tribal governments and representatives in the cultural project delivery process for Caltrans transportation projects throughout the state.

Caltrans values and encourages tribal engagement and participation early and throughout the environmental review and project delivery processes to ensure that the unique knowledge and expertise of tribal communities are considered and addressed as part the project decision-making process. For more detailed information regarding the laws, policies, and procedures pertaining to tribal participation in Caltrans projects, please refer to the Native American Consultation Chapter (PDF) of the Caltrans Environmental Handbook (Volume 2: Cultural Resources).

The Native American Cultural Studies Branch Chief, Sarah Allred, works with the District Native American Coordinators (DNACs) statewide to provide policy and guidance related to the active involvement of tribal governments in the cultural resources investigation process. Caltrans' statewide district map depicts the geographic distribution of the 12 Caltrans districts. A complete list of statewide DNACs is provided below:

List of Caltrans District Native American Coordinators (Updated September 2019)

The Native American Cultural Studies Branch also coordinates with its counterpart in the Division of Transportation Planning’s Native American Liaison Branch, which works with tribal governments on matters of transportation planning, safety, and mobility and maintains government-to-government relations with tribes in California.