Assembly Bill (AB) 275 – CalNAGPRA

Caltrans is committed to the repatriation of curated human remains and items to culturally affiliated Native American tribes. The Headquarters Cultural Studies Office provides statewide guidance and technical assistance to the 12 Districts, who are managing the implementation of AB 275 at the local level. More information about CalNAGPRA can be found on the California Native American Heritage Commission’s website. Please reach out to the District point of contact listed below if you have inquiries regarding AB 275.

District Points of Contact for AB 275

Caltrans District Map

Cultural Studies Office (Sacramento): Emily Castano

District 1 (Eureka): Whitney Petrey

District 2 (Redding): Elizabeth Truman

District 3 (Marysville/Sacramento): Lisa Bright 

District 4 (Bay Area/Oakland): Todd Jaffke

District 5 (San Luis Obispo/Santa Barbara): Christina MacDonald

District 6 (Fresno/Bakersfield): Jeanne Binning

District 7 (Los Angeles): Caprice “Kip” Harper

District 8 (San Bernardino/Riverside): Gary Jones

District 9 (Bishop): Melissa Teoh

District 10 (Stockton): Amber Tedrow 

District 11 (San Diego): Natalia Galeana

District 12 (Orange County): Cheryl Sinopoli