Transportation Art Process Map


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Streamlined Process Map for Applicant

Directions for Each Process Map Step (Caltrans Staff)

Coordinator assesses concept
with Applicant to see if project is viable as proposed.

1) District Transportation Art Coordinator (coordinator) gathers information about concept.

2) Coordinator may discuss concept with other internal stakeholders informally.

3) Coordinator will either accept or reject concept proposal based on initial review.

4) Coordinator shares template for CCA, PSMA and information regarding LAA with Applicant or directs Applicant to Website.

5) Coordinator provides Transportation Art Proposal Form to Applicant or directs Applicant to Website.

Applicant submits Preliminary Proposal for coordinator's review
2 Weeks

1) Coordinator request draft LAA, CCA, PSMA for Legal and Maintenance Legal review.

2) Applicant completes and submits Transportation Art Proposal to coordinator.

3) Coordinator advises Applicant to schedule public review.

Applicant submits Permit Application with Qualified Proposal to E Permit Office
2 Weeks

1) Applicant makes all edits to the proposal that are indicated by the coordinator's review and submits Qualified Proposal (includes the TA application) to Permit office with permit Application TR-0100.

2) Permit Office circulates the qualified proposal to internal stakeholders and coordinator/HQ LAP for their review.

Applicant submits Final Proposal
4 Weeks

1) LAA and CCA finalized by HQ Legal and LAR Legal.

2) PSMA finalized by Maintenance Legal and LAR Legal.

Approved Final Proposal
1 Week

1) Permit Engineer prepare approval memo from DD.

2) Coordinator reviews Final Proposal and provide concurrence for DD's approval.

3) Permit Engineer submits Final Proposal to DD for review and approval.

Encroachment Permit Issuance
1 Week

1) Permit Engineer sends a copy of issued permit with all attachment to HQ LAP and coordinator.

2) As-built must be submitted to HQ LAP (includes photos of the art).