Transportation Art Process Map


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Streamlined Process Map for Applicant Directions for Each Process Map Step (Caltrans Staff)
Step 1 Local Agency submits transportation art concept and location using pages 1 to 4 of the Transportation Art Proposal (TAP). 1. District Transportation Art Coordinator (DTAC) assesses concept for compliance to Project Development Procedures Manual (PDPM) requirements.

2. DTAC may discuss concept with Statewide Transportation Art Coordinator (STAC) for concept concurrence.

3. DTAC either rejects concept or accepts concept.

1 week
Step 2 If concept is rejected, Local Agency resubmits revised concept for review until concept meets requirement. 1. Once concept is approved, DTAC shares template for Copyright License and Waiver of Moral Rights in Artwork (CLAW) and Transportation Art Maintenance Agreement (TAMA) with Local Agency and asks them to finalize the TAP.

2. The TAP proceedes as a Preliminary Proposal.
Step 3 Local Agency submits Preliminary Proposal for DTAC and STAC review. 1. DTAC checks for Local Agency Agreement (LAA) and that the CLAW and TAP are properly filled out.

2. DTAC sends TAP to STAC for statewide compliance concurrence.

3. If all items are correctly filled out and the TAP is complete, DTAC circulates the TAP within the District for reviews by other divisions as needed and returns comments to the Local Agency.

4. If all items are not correct or complete, DTAC returns Preliminary Proposal to Local Agency for revisions.

2 weeks
Step 4 If edits are needed or more information is requested, Local Agency provides needed material to DTAC. If the TAP is now a Qualified Preliminary Proposal, Local Agency schedules public review and collects comments for the District. 1. DTAC confirms TAP is complete and all comments have been addressed.

2. The TAP is now a Qualified Proposal. The DTAC advises the Local Agency to schedule a public review as required in the PDPM, Chapter 29.

3. DTAC sends Artist-signed CLAW and exhibits to STAC to be circulated for Caltrans signatures. DTAC sends TAP and executed CLAW to District Director for approval.

4. The TAP is now a Final Proposal.

4 weeks
Step 5 Local Agency submits draft TAMA and Permit Application to District for administrative permit (TR-0100). 1. DTAC and District Maintenance Agreement Coordinator (DMAC) work together to finalize TAMA checklist and ensure all items are in order to facilitate TAMA review and encroachment permit issuance.

4 weeks
Step 6 Local Agency receives executed TAMA and Encroachment Permit and proceedes to install transportation art. 1. DTAC coordinates to obtain final photographs of installed art and sends complete TAP, copy of executed TAMA, copy of Encroachment Permit, and District Director's approval to STAC for Department files.