Comprehensive Multimodal Corridor Plan


The goal of a Comprehensive Multimodal Corridor Plan is to develop a strategy and identify a list of transportation projects that will reduce congestion, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve livability through operational improvements, technological advancements, and increased multi-modal options along a transportation corridor. 

The 2020 Corridor Planning Process Guide recommends we follow the steps below as part of our corridor analysis.  The scope and work activities related to the process can and should be tailored to the District and its partners based on available, time, resources and expertise.

The goal of the CMCP is to recommend projects and congestion improvement strategies. These projects and strategies are compiled by the District and its partners and documented in corridor plans. Once the appropriate projects and strategies are selected and documented in an CMCP, it allows the District and its partners to maximize future funding and programming opportunities and successfully advance projects towards the construction phase.


Steps in the Corridor Planning Process


Currently District 7 is initiating the following Comprehensive Multimodal Corridor Plans (CMCPs):

Climate Resiliency and Transportation Safety Plan (CRTSP)

The Climate Resiliency and Transportation Safety Plan is version of a CMCP that is more focused on climate resiliency and safety, whereas a CMCP addresses transportation system performance, quality of life, access to destinations, and environmental factors including GHG



We recently completed surveys on the I-110, US-101, SR-60, SR-91 corridors. Thank you to all that participated.

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For questions, please contact the District 7 System Planning CMCP Team:

District 7 System Planning Group -

Dan Kopulsky, Principal Planner,  213-317-0566

Charles Lau, Branch Chief, 213-269-1142

Cassandra Carlin, Associate Transportation Planner,, 213-266-3584

Alex Kessel, Associate Transportation Planner,, 213-266-3585

Rawan Al-Jamal, Associate Transportation Planner,, 213-266-3628