Statewide ITS Architecture (SWITSA) Assessment Project Documents

The Statewide ITS Architecture (SWITSA) Assessment and Support project assessed how statewide and regional ITS architectures (RITSAs) have been used in support of both regional transportation planning activities and actual transportation investments.  It identified a number of institutional barriers preventing RITSAs from being used more effectively, ranging from inadequate funding for architecture maintenance and training to fundamental differences in perspective between technology experts and more traditional transportation experts.


The following documents address the outcomes of the study, including the definition of a Business Case for dedicating resources to RITSAs in California, along with planning guidance for ITS activities. These include the integration of RITSA development, updates and maintenance with regional and statewide transportation planning activities.  A key component is addressing the role of Caltrans Districts in working with regional stakeholders to define common interests and projects that will benefit both a region and the State Highway System (SHS).

The SWITSA Assessment project documents:

  • SWITSA Assessment Project - Summary Report
  • Caltrans Planning for ITS Guide: 2018 Edition
  • Process for Developing Statewide ITS Strategic Development Plan
  • White Paper: The Business Case for Statewide and Regional ITS Architecture Activities
  • ITS Architecture Development and Maintenance:  Barriers and Opportunities
  • Statewide and Regional ITS Architecture Compliance and Use
  • White Paper: Federal Policy, Rule Making and Guidelines Related to ITS Architecture Activities

    For more information on the SWITSA Assessment and Support project, please contact Planning for Operations Statewide Lead Erik Alm ( in the Division of Transportation Planning.