Mile Marker: A Caltrans Performance Report

Issue 1, 2023

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Director's Message

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The tremendous challenge of the winter storms brought out the best of our Caltrans crews

Caltrans goes the distance on 'middle-mile' broadband

Mile Marker thumbnail illustration showing Middle-Mile Broadband
The $3.25 billion project’s goal is to soon give all Californians equitable access to the internet

State looks to make it easier for riders to take transit

Image of Cal-ITP logo 
The California Integrated Travel Project streamlines fares, transfers, schedules

Project Spotlight: Little Lost Man Creek

Little Lost Man Creek Animal Passing 
In District 1, new bridge was built specifically to help wildlife make their life-cycle journeys

Statewide pilot models quick safety improvements

Wrong way sign 
Roadway dangers addressed with more warning signs, crosswalks, other features

Efficiency is built into Caltrans' project delivery method

In the Ventura Highway 1 Slope Restoration project, the CMGC process allowed the construction contractor to start work as soon as the contract was approved, saving months by not having to account for advertisement, award, and mobilization. (District 7 photograph) 
The Construction Manager General Contractor approach helps cut jobs' costs, timelines

Virtual vehicle-inspection pilot for transportation permits is delivering

Wrong way sign 
Caltrans saves time and money with system that skips in-person appointments and two-week waits

Mile Markers

Caltrans Key Strategic Plan Performance Measures Icons 
Caltrans Strategic Plan Performance Objectives