CEFS Forms Change Log


The following change log will list the changes made to CEFS forms by Revision Date.

FORM Number Revision Date Change Log
 LAPM 3-A  05/2021  
  • Expanded language in the List of Utilities section as identified in LPP 20-01 with a checkbox added to indicate Local Public Agency’s acknowledgement of their obligations when seeking federal reimbursement.
  • Minor bug fixes
LAPM 3-A 08/2020
  • Office Bulletin #20-03: At-Risk PE; definition for “At-Risk PE” added and new section added for Invoking Section 1440 of the FAST Act.
  • Spacing increased to accommodate 7-digits in “Qty.” field
LAPM 5-A 08/2020
  • Office Bulletin #20-03: At-Risk PE; instructions updated for Participating Cost Form
  • The inability to save the PA&ED billing summary fixed
  • The inability to uncheck boxes in the Authorized Phase(s) section fixed
LAPM 14-D / 14-D-REV 08/2020