Race & Equity Branch


The Race & Equity Branch provides policy leadership, guidance, and support to all divisions, districts, and programs to eliminate barriers, reduce burdens, and provide more equitable transportation for all Californians. The Race and Equity Branch collaborates with the Equal Employment Opportunity Program, Office of Civil Rights, and Human Resources which lead the advancement of diversity and equity within the Department's workforce.

Our Work

Maintaining & Integrating EQI into Caltrans Operations

The Transportation Equity Index (EQI) is a screening and evaluation tool that utilizes multiple transportation-specific and socioeconomic indicators to identify transportation-based priority populations at the Census block level. Caltrans developed the EQI to inform how the Department can best address and mitigate inequities exacerbated by the transportation system.


Coordinate the Implementation of Priority Race & Equity Actions

In collaboration with numerous Caltrans Districts and Divisions, the Race and Equity Branch developed the Race and Equity Action Plan. The Branch coordinates implementation of actions focused on decision making, process and policy changes related to the provision of transportation services and infrastructure.


Co-lead the Interagency Equity Advisory Committee (EAC)

In collaboration with the California Transportation Commission (CTC) and the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA), the Race and Equity Branch supports the EAC, which advises the three agencies on how to achieve meaningful outcomes in transportation equity, environmental justice, and equitable economic opportunities, especially related to transportation planning and programming.