Purpose: The following web pages describe the minimum paint and coating quality standards required by Caltrans, Division of Equipment (DOE) for the equipment fleet.

Scope: This Caltrans DOE standard defines the minimum requirements for electrical equipment and components added to OEM equipment for the Caltrans fleet.

Last Revision Date: January 14, 2004

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Chapter Topic
i References
ii Terminology and Outside Environmental Conditions
1 Wire, Cables, and Harnesses
2 Crimps and Terminals
3 Overload Protection (DC and AC Circuits)
4 Batteries
5 Quality
6 Switches
7 Electromagnetic Interference
8 Relays and Solenoids
9 AC Generators & Inverters
10 Protection From Wet and Corrosive Environments
11 Adhesives and Sealants
12 Safety
13 Controls and Indicators
14 Diagnostics and Test Provisions
15 Electronics
16 Printed Circuit Boards
17 Mobile Radio Telephone