10. Protection From Wet and Corrosive Environments

10.1 Enclosures

Each enclosure and part of electric equipment that can be damaged by corrosion shall be made of corrosion-resistant materials or of materials having a corrosion resistant finish. Electrical enclosures exposed to the outside environment shall be weatherproof (IP65) or shall be installed out of the weather.

10.2 Moisture Pockets

Where moisture pockets are unavoidable in unsealed equipment, provision shall be made for drainage of such pockets. Desiccants or moisture-absorbent materials shall not be used within moisture pockets. Pockets, wells, traps, and the like in which water or condensate could collect when the equipment is in normal position shall be avoided.

10.3 Corrosion Protection

10.3.1 Corrosion Resistance

  1. Metals shall be corrosion resistant or shall be coated or metallurgical processed to resist corrosion.
  2. Metal surfaces not otherwise protected as described above shall be painted.
  3. The painted surfaces shall withstand the environmental conditions defined by the equipment specification for the entire service life of the equipment without flaking, cracking, or allowing any corrosion of the underlying surface. Battery storage area may need added protection.
  4. Painted finish shall be in accordance with Caltrans Paint & Coatings Standard.

10.3.2 Weatherproofing/Waterproofing

Electrical equipment used in a location that may be exposed to the outside environment shall be weatherproof (IP65). Electrical equipment that may be submerged shall be watertight (IP67).