14. Diagnostics and Test Provisions

14.1 Built-In-Test Devices

Built-in test devices shall maintain their accuracy under all operating conditions required by the equipment under test. These devices shall be provided with connections or access for their operational checkouts or calibration.

14.2 Test Provisions

Equipment which is required to be tested by on-line Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) shall provide test points.

14.3 Test Cables

Test cables and extender cards shall be provided and fitted with connectors to allow removable subassemblies to be electrically reconnected for maintenance.

14.4 External Test Points

Protection shall be provided in the test point circuitry to prevent equipment damage caused by the external grounding of test points.

14.5 Failure Effect

Provisions for testing shall be designed that any failure of built-in test devices shall not degrade equipment operation or cause equipment shut down.