6. Switches

  1. Terminals shall be of the correct size to accommodate the wire or terminal as required by the switch current and load.
  2. Blade terminals are not preferred but if used shall comply with SAE J858.
  3. Screw terminals shall be at least a #6 or larger screw size.
  4. A weatherproof (IP65) switch is required where it may be in the rain, splashed or subjected to spray.
  5. Each switch that is in the weather shall be in a weatherproof (IP65) enclosure and externally operable.
  6. Switches in branch circuits shall be installed in the positive wire. (Does not apply to reversing DC motors).
  7. Switches shall meet the following conditions:
    1. Switch voltage shall not be less than system voltage
    2. Switches shall be designed to handle the load (current) they are switching
    3. Switches shall match the load (current) type. Load (current) types are listed:
    • Resistive load (e.g., heaters)
    • Inductive load (e.g., coils, transformers)
    • Capacitive load (e.g., DC power supply)
    • Lamp load (e.g., tungsten filaments)
    • Motor load (e.g., DC or AC motors)