17. Mobile Radio Telephone

  1. Radio telephones shall be FCC approved for their intended service.
  2. Installations shall conform with all FCC rules and regulations.
  3. Installations shall be done under the supervision of a qualified electronics technician.
  4. The radio, power supply, speakers, etc. shall be securely fastened so as to remain in place in any road condition.
  5. Shall be mounted in a well ventilated dry location
  6. The radio shall be installed per manufacturer's installation manuals.
  7. The radio shall be mounted so as to be accessible to the driver.
  8. The radio shall be located so that the connection to the antenna and ground system is as short and direct as possible.
  9. The antenna shall be mounted in free air as much as possible and clear of parallel metal objects.
  10. The antenna shall be installed to withstand high winds and rough roads.
  11. The highest point on the antenna shall not extend higher than 13 ft 6 in above the ground.
  12. If connections are made directly to the battery terminals then a fuse shall be placed in the transceiver negative and positive lead.
  13. High quality coaxial cable shall be used (at least 95% shield coverage) located away from the engine control module and other electrical modules.