Bridge Design Memos

Bridge Design Memos (BDMs) provide guidance and best practices to designers to efficiently and consistently implement Caltran's Structure Technical Policies (STPs) and design specifications.  BDMs include guidance and best practices from previous Memos to Designers (MTDs) and Bridge Design Aids (BDAs) and supersede any similar content in the MTDs or BDAs.  The BDMs have been organized to closely align with the organization of the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications.


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Bridge Design Memo(BDM) Numbers and Titles Approval Date  Supersedes 
Section 1. Introduction    
 1.1 Scope, Approval, and Implementation (PDF)  August 2021  MTD 1-0
 1.2 Terms and Abbreviations (PDF)  August 2021  
 Section 5. Concrete Structures    
 5.12 Rapid Strength Concrete (PDF)  August 2021  BDA 5-10
 5.13 Mass Concrete Prediction Nomograph (PDF)  August 2021  
 5.23 Hinge Curl (PDF)  August 2021  MTD 11-34
 5.26 Anchorage Zone Design CIP/PS Box Girders (PDF)  August 2021  MTD 11-25
 5.27 Curved CIP/PS Box Girders (PDF)  August 2021  MTD 11-31
 5.51 Anchorage to Concrete: Cast-In Anchors (PDF)  August 2021  BDA 5-81
Section 6. Steel Structures    
6.1 Designation of Steel Bridge Members (PDF)  August 2021  MTD 12-2
 6.11 Camber of Steel-Concrete Composite Girders (PDF)  August 2021  MTD 12-3
6.12 Review of Shop Drawings - Steel Structures (PDF)  August 2021  MTD 12-1
Section 9. Decks and Deck Systems    
 9.4 Typical Deck, Overhang, and Soffit Design (PDF)  October 2021  MTD 10-20
Section 10. Foundations      
 10.5 Composite Cased Piles  July 2022