Erosion Control Toolbox: Rolled Erosion Control Product (Jute Mesh)


R E C P Jute mesh 

Jute mesh is a lightweight, biodegradable, open weave textile (OWT).

When to Use This Treatment

  • Cut and fill slopes between 4:1 and 2:1 (H:V). Use Rolled Erosion Control Product (Netting) on steeper slopes
  • To use in a stream or channel below the 100-year base flood elevation (as determined by the Engineer) contact the Civil (Hydraulics) Engineer in responsible charge of the stream/channel


  • Provides immediate protection from surface erosion
  • Helps retain soil moisture, which improves seed germination and vegetation establishment


  • Rocks and debris may lift blankets above the soil surface, allowing erosion to occur between the blanket and the soil surface
  • Surface treatment only - unlikely to improve compacted, nutrient depleted, or poorly draining soils as necessary to ensure vigorous long term vegetative cover

Technical Product Information

The table below provides a summary of technical information for jute mesh:

Product Functional
Max Slope
Category (1)
Jute Mesh 12 Months 2:1 3B

 workers applying jute mesh 

The photo above shows erosion control jute mesh being installed adjacent to a roadside. The open area of this product is high, so seed may be applied before or after the jute mesh is placed.

Standard Specifications

  • Refer to Standard Specifications - Section 21 Erosion Control

Consider Using With

To effectively treat sites with compacted, nutrient depleted, or poorly draining soils, consider combining this treatment with:

Estimate Information

  • Use BEES code 210260 Rolled Erosion Control Product (Jute Mesh), paid by SQFT



Updated: February 8, 2019