Erosion Control Toolbox: Drill Seed


Drill seed

Drill seed

Drill Seed is the sowing of seed in the soil using a drill seeding device as seen in the above photos.

When to Use This Treatment

Typically used in disturbed soil areas 3:1 (H:V) and flatter that are readily accessible by large equipment.


  • Sowing the seed directly in the soil leads to better germination and vegetative cover than hydroseed.
  • Requires only one-half the seeding rate of Dry Seed or Hydroseed.


  • Not effective in applying fluffy seed (e.g., rabbit brush) due to static electricity.

Consider Using With

To prevent surface erosion after drilling seed, consider following this treatment with:

Standard Specifications

Estimate Information

  • Use 210222 Drill Seed (SQYD) for payment by the square yard.
  • Use 210223 Drill Seed (ACRE) for payment by the acre.


Updated: February 14, 2019