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Project Development Overview

SHOPP project development begins with the identification of individual transportation needs.  These needs are bundled together into conceptual projects between 7 -10 years before construction.  Projects move from the conceptual stage to formal project planning 5-6 years before planned construction.  Projects in the conceptual phase or formal project planning are in the process of determining scope, costs and schedule.  Formal project planning is the optimum time for stakeholder engagement because the scope of the project is being developed at this time.  Upon completion of formal project planning, projects are ready for programming and fiscal commitment by the California Transportation Commission.

State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP) Ten-Year Project Book

Over the coming decade, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) will undertake the most ambitious highway repair program the state has seen in generations. By the end of 2027, the State Highway System (SHS) should be in much better shape than it is today. This Ten-Year Project Book (Project Book) shows how Caltrans will make that happen. It provides a list of the individual projects needed to restore the SHS to a condition that meets the performance targets enshrined into law through the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 (SB 1). The Project Book is a natural extension of the recently adopted California Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP), which prioritizes projects based on their contribution to the overall health of the SHS and its many components. The TAMP articulates performance targets established by legislation and action by the California Transportation Commission (Commission).

The Project Book is a natural extension of Caltrans' asset management framework, presented in the TAMP and implemented with the State Highway System Management Plan (SHSMP).  These two plans, founded on principles of performance management, form the basis to prioritize projects based on their contribution to the overall health of SHS and its many component parts.  The TAMP and SHSMP articulate performance targets established by federal and state legislation and action by the California Transportation Commission (Commission).  These projects are all part of Caltrans' fix-it-first program, known as the SHOPP (State Highway Operation and Protection Program).  The SHOPP is supported by state and federal taxes and fees on vehicle fuels.  Over one-third of the funds comes from SB 1.  

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SHOPP Ten-Year Project Book (PDF)

Programmed Projects

In January of even numbered years, Caltrans prepares the SHOPP for approval by the California Transportation Commission. Once approved by the Commission, the SHOPP represents the projects that are anticipated to be designed, delivered and funded in the future four years beginning in July of the designated SHOPP year. Each new SHOPP consists of two years of carryover from the prior SHOPP and two years of new projects.

Projects Scheduled, Advertised or Awards

Projects that are scheduled - for advertisement, out for bid, advertised or awarded can be found at the following links:

District Project Pages

Each of the Caltrans twelve districts maintain project pages that contain project summary information and a number of other project specific documents.