Bid Opportunities

Caltrans encourages Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE), Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBE), and Certified Small Businesses (SB) and Microbusinesses (MB) participation in all contracts.


To view the latest information on current contracts that are out for bid, please visit Cal eProcure.

Event ID Event Name End Date
01A6350 Trash Collection, Hauling, and Disposal Services in Del Norte County 09/21/23 - 2:00PM PDT
02A2233 On-call, As Needed, Daily Rate, Multi-Provider Service Contract for Motel Room Rentals for Caltrans Employees in Siskiyou County 09/26/23 - 2:00PM PDT
03A3624 *Certified Small Business ONLY* IFPQ 03A3624 Fire Alrm System Replacement 09/21/23 - 2:00PM PDT
03A3631 Parking Lot Light Replacement, Marysville ¿ Yuba County 09/28/23 - 2:00PM PDT
04A6795 IFPQ - Caltrans District 4 Calmentor Program 09/21/23 - 5:00PM PDT
04A6860 Job Order Contract (JOC) - Architectural Lighting of Portals Project 09/21/23 - 2:00PM PDT
05A2622 Demolition and Clearance Services 09/21/23 - 2:00PM PDT
05A2631 IFB Tree and Brush Removal Services in Santa Barbara County 09/28/23 - 2:00PM PDT
05A2640 IFB HVAC Preventive Maintenance and Repair Services in San Luis Obispo County 09/26/23 - 2:30PM PDT
06A2985 *Certified Small Business ONLY* IFPQ Courier Services (Fresno, CA) 09/26/23 - 2:00PM PDT
07A5671 IFB Real Property Appraisal Services 10/05/23 - 2:00PM PDT
07A5672 Real Property Appraisal Review Services 09/28/23 - 2:00PM PDT
07A5742 IFB Wildfire Fuel Reduction Services in Los Angeles and Ventura County 09/21/23 - 2:00PM PDT
07A5757 Title and Escrow Service in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties 09/26/23 - 2:00PM PDT
08A3667 IFB Compressed Natural Gas Fuel Station Services in Riverside County 09/28/23 - 2:00PM PDT
09A0967 IFB 09A0967 Heat Pump Replacement in Inyo County 09/28/23 - 2:00PM PDT
09A0973 *Certified Small Business ONLY* IFPQ - Roof Replacement Services in Mono County 09/25/23 - 3:00PM PDT
09A0976 AE on-call Roadway and Broadband Telecommunications Design and related Project Development and Construction Support Services 10/05/23 - 10:00AM PDT
10A2575 Title and Escrow Service in Tuolumne County 09/21/23 - 2:00PM PDT
10A2576 SB Minor B - Remove/Replace Existing Right of Way Fence 10/02/23 - 2:15PM PDT
10A2582 IFB Wildfire Fuel Reduction Services in Amador, Calaveras, Toulumne, and Mariposa Counties 09/21/23 - 2:00PM PDT
10A2595 SB Minor B 12A2139 - Remove/Replace Right of Way Fence 10/03/23 - 2:15PM PDT
11A3815 *Certified Small Business ONLY* IFPQ Building & Window Washing Services, San Diego 09/21/23 - 2:00PM PDT
11A3832 Fuel Pump/Tanks Maintenance Test Reporting and Repairs in San Diego and Imperial County 09/28/23 - 2:00PM PDT
12A2136 SB Minor B - Remove Trees and Repair Sidewalk - Orange County 10/02/23 - 2:15PM PDT
12A2145 IFB Fuel Station Inspections, Maintenance, and Repairs in Orange County 09/28/23 - 2:00PM PDT
32A0570 IFB 32A0570 Insulation Installation Service, Kern County. 10/05/23 - 2:00PM PDT
43A0453 43A0453 - On Call Environmental NPDES MS4 Permit Violations, Encroachment, and Regulatory Enforcement Correction Orders Prevention and Tracking Services for District 43. 10/16/23 - 10:00AM PDT
51A0573 2025-2029 Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) Development and Facilitation 09/26/23 - 2:00PM PDT
56A0773 IFB Wildfire Fuel Reduction Services in Madera, Kern, Tulare, and Fresno County 09/21/23 - 2:00PM PDT
56A0774 IFB Wildfire Fuel Reduction Services in San Bernardino and Riverside County 09/21/23 - 2:00PM PDT
56A0778 IFB Wildfire Fuel Reduction Services in San Diego County 09/21/23 - 2:00PM PDT
59A1268 59A1268 - On-Call Architectural Building Design and related Construction Support Services 10/18/23 - 10:00AM PDT
74A1435 I-980 Corridor Alternatives Study (Vision 980-Phase 1). 10/19/23 - 2:00PM PDT
74A1437 Caltrans Systems Investment Strategy (CSIS) Services 09/21/23 - 2:00PM PDT
88A0150 Office of Civil Rights Grassroots Outreach Services in Districts 1, 2, and 3 09/21/23 - 2:00PM PDT
88A0151 IFB 88A0151 Office of Civil Rights Grassroots Outreach Services in Districts 4, 9 (portion), and 10. 09/21/23 - 2:00PM PDT