Bid Opportunities

Caltrans encourages Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE), Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBE), and Certified Small Businesses (SB) and Microbusinesses (MB) participation in all contracts.


To view the latest information on current contracts that are out for bid, please visit Cal eProcure.

Event ID Event Name End Date
01A6283 HVAC Install Humboldt County 03/28/23 - 2:00PM PDT
02A2196 SB Minor B - Culvert Rehabilitation - Trinity County 03/23/23 - 2:15PM PDT
02A2197 SB Minor B - Traction Control Sand Trap - Shasta County 03/23/23 - 2:15PM PDT
02A2204 Job Order Contract (JOC) - Safety Fence Clean California Enhancement Proposal 03/28/23 - 2:00PM PDT
03A3578 SB Minor B Contract No. 03A3578 Culvert repair in Butte County 04/04/23 - 2:15PM PDT
03A3581 SB Minor B - Install Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon System - Placer County 04/03/23 - 2:15PM PDT
03A3583 Title and Escrow Services in Sutter and Yuba Counties 03/23/23 - 2:00PM PDT
03A3589 Hazardous Waste Pickup, Clean up and Disposal Services in District 03 03/30/23 - 2:00PM PDT
03A3598 SB Minor B - Install Bronze Plaque, Low Wall, and Decorative Pilaster - Nevada County 04/05/23 - 2:15PM PDT
04A6632 Arborist, Tree and Other Plant Services - Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano and Sonoma Counties 04/05/23 - 1:00PM PDT
04A6660 SB Minor B 04A6660 - Separate and Repair Irrigation Mainline in San Mateo County 03/24/23 - 2:15PM PDT
04A6664 SB Minor B - Install Smart Meters and Repair Irrigation - Alameda, Contra Costa, and Sonoma Counties 03/22/23 - 2:15PM PDT
04A6674 Landfill Disposal Site Services in Marin and Sonoma Counties 03/30/23 - 2:00PM PDT
04A6677 SB Minor B - Loop Detector Replacement - Santa Clara County 03/24/23 - 2:15PM PDT
04A6678 SB Minor B - Loop Detector Replacement - Alameda, Contra Costa and Sonoma Counties 03/28/23 - 2:15PM PDT
04A6679 SB Minor B - Cold planning, R-HMA, Pavement Marking and Rumble Strip - Santa Clara County 03/24/23 - 2:15PM PDT
04A6682 SB Minor B 04A6682 - Installation of Two CMS in San Mateo County 03/30/23 - 2:15PM PDT
04A6683 SB Minor B - Repair Damaged Sound Wall - San Francisco County 04/04/23 - 2:15PM PDT
04A6684 SB Minor B - Install Mid-West Guard Rail System (MGS) - Solano County 04/04/23 - 2:15PM PDT
04A6689 SB Minor B 04A6689 - Install Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons in Alameda County 04/04/23 - 2:15PM PDT
04A6696 SB Minor B 04A6696-Install Gates, Fences, and Jumpouts in Contra Costa County 03/23/23 - 2:15PM PDT
04A6699 Job Order Contract (JOC) - Trash Capture Housing 03/28/23 - 2:00PM PDT
05A2555 Demolition and Clearance - San Luis Obispo County 03/28/23 - 2:00PM PDT
05A2560 SB Minor B 05A2560 - Repair Electrical Service Installation in Santa Barbara and Monterey County 03/22/23 - 2:15PM PDT
05A2563 SB Minor B 05A2563 - Lighting and Signal Modifications in Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties 04/04/23 - 2:15PM PDT
05A2569 Title and Escrow Services in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties 03/23/23 - 2:00PM PDT
05A2580 Title and Escrow Service - Santa Cruz, San Benito, and Monterey Counties. 03/30/23 - 2:00PM PDT
06A2912 SB Minor B Contract No. 06A2912 Remove concrete curb/widen shoulder in Madera Co. 03/22/23 - 2:15PM PDT
06A2932 IFB 06A2932, Elevator Maintenance and Repair Services, Fresno 03/30/23 - 2:00PM PDT
07A5549 *Certified Small Business ONLY* 07A5549 - Landscaping Maintenance Services, Los Angeles 03/29/23 - 5:00PM PDT
07A5554 Debris Removal and/or Biohazard Waste Cleanup and Disposal Services ¿ Los Angeles and Ventura Counties 03/30/23 - 2:00PM PDT
07A5584 *Certified Small Business ONLY* IFPQ 07A5584, Security Camera Installation, Los Angeles 03/30/23 - 5:00PM PDT
07A5609 SB Minor B 07A5609 - Replace Curb and Gutter in Los Angeles County 03/30/23 - 2:15PM PDT
07A5611 SB Minor B 07A5611 - Upgrade/Replace Existing CCTV Cameras in Los Angeles County 03/29/23 - 2:15PM PDT
08A3601 08A3601 - On Call Land Surveying and Right of Way Engineering Services, District 8 04/13/23 - 10:00AM PDT
09A0930 SB Minor B 09A0930 - Pedestrian Safety Improvement in Kern County 03/28/23 - 2:15PM PDT
09A0940 09A0940 - On-Call Land Surveying and Right of Way Engineering Services 04/10/23 - 10:00AM PDT
10A2512 Title and Escrow Service in Alpine, Amador and Calaveras Counties 03/23/23 - 2:00PM PDT
10A2518 SB Minor B - Replace Existing Traffic Monitoring Systems - San Joaquin County 03/28/23 - 2:15PM PDT
10A2519 SB Minor B 10A2519 - Repair/Replace Backplates, Loops, Lamps in San Joaquin County 03/29/23 - 2:15PM PDT
10A2520 SB Minor B - Replace Cabinets, Controllers, and Camera Heads - San Joaquin County 04/05/23 - 2:15PM PDT
10A2525 Diesel Engine and Generator Repair Service and Maintenance in Alpine County 03/30/23 - 2:00PM PDT
10A2526 Wastewater System Maintenance, Testing and Reporting at the Erreca SRRA in Merced County 04/06/23 - 2:00PM PDT
10A2535 IFB Pest Control Services at various locations within Caltrans District 10 03/30/23 - 2:00PM PDT
11A3609 IFB: Identify, Evaluate, and Remove Hazardous Waste (San Diego and Imperial Counties) 04/06/23 - 2:00PM PDT
11A3641 Monitoring, Maintenance, and Repair services of alarm systems in San Diego County 03/28/23 - 2:00PM PDT
11A3648 SB Minor B Contract No. 11A3648 - Pavement Rehabilitation in San Diego Co 03/22/23 - 2:15PM PDT
11A3651 IFB 11A3651, Chiller Rental Services, San Diego County 03/30/23 - 2:00PM PDT
11A3652 SB Minor B Contract No. 11A3652 03/23/23 - 2:15PM PDT
11A3656 SB Minor B Contract No. 11A3656 Upgrading Census Stations in Imperial Co. 03/23/23 - 2:15PM PDT
11A3662 SB Minor B Contract No. 11A3662 Construct underdrain in San Diego Co. 03/24/23 - 2:15PM PDT
11A3667 SB Minor B Contract No. 11A3667 Replace Traffic Loops & Piezos in San Diego Co. 03/30/23 - 2:15PM PDT
11A3674 SB Minor B - Construct Beyond Gore Paving - San Diego County 03/23/23 - 2:15PM PDT
11A3679 SB Minor B - Striping and pedestrian crossing enhancements - San Diego County 03/22/23 - 2:15PM PDT
11A3681 SB Minor B - Fence, Slope Paving and Landscaping - San Diego County 03/24/23 - 2:15PM PDT
11A3682 SB Minor B - Landscaping - San Diego County 03/24/23 - 2:15PM PDT
11A3683 SB Minor B - Stripe bike lane and install pedestrian enhancements - San Diego County 03/27/23 - 2:15PM PDT
11A3684 SB Minor B - Signing and pavement markings - San Diego County 03/27/23 - 2:15PM PDT
11A3686 SB Minor B - Culvert Repairs - San Diego 03/29/23 - 2:15PM PDT
11A3687 SB Minor B - Culvert Repairs - San Diego 03/29/23 - 2:15PM PDT
11A3688 SB Minor B - Construct Rumble Strips. - San Diego 03/30/23 - 2:15PM PDT
11A3690 SB Minor B - Fence and Landscaping - San Diego 04/04/23 - 2:15PM PDT
12A2059 Replacement of Lighting with light-emitting diode (LED) Lights in Orange County 03/23/23 - 2:00PM PDT
12A2073 IFB Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Preventative Maintenance and Repair Services 03/30/23 - 2:00PM PDT
12A2078 *Certified Small Business ONLY* IFPQ Elevator Maintenance and Repair Services - Orange County 03/30/23 - 2:00PM PDT
12A2080 Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Replacement and Installation services in Orange County 03/30/23 - 2:00PM PDT
12A2081 *SB/MB/SB-PW Only* Electrical Services (Orange County, CA) 03/28/23 - 2:00PM PDT
12A2086 SB Minor B 12A2086 - Replace Existing Hub #6 nad Hub #7 Routers in Orange County 03/22/23 - 2:15PM PDT
12A2089 SB Minor B 12A2089 - Replace Existing Hub #2 Router in Orange County 03/30/23 - 2:15PM PDT
12A2090 SB Minor B 12A2090 - Replace Hub #1 Router in Orange County 03/30/23 - 2:15PM PDT
12A2092 SB Minor B 12A2092 - Mulch, planting, irrigation and tree pruning in Orange county in 04/04/23 - 2:15PM PDT
22A1178 HVAC Water Testing, Various Locations, CA. 03/28/23 - 2:00PM PDT
56A0743 Wrought Iron and Mesh Fencing Installation Services in Los Angeles County 03/28/23 - 2:00PM PDT
74A1390 RFP - State Route 17 Resiliency and Adaptation Plan 03/30/23 - 2:00PM PDT
74A1393 RFP - Comprehensive Multimodal Corridor Plan for State Route 99 Through the Central Valley 04/13/23 - 2:00PM PDT