Central Region Calmentor Program

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Serving District 5, 6 and 10

Upcoming Events

Friday, December 11, 2020:   Caltrans District 10 A&E Roadway Design and related Project Development Outreach
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Wednesday, January 27, 2021:   Calmentor Quarterly Meeting

Program Information

Program Overview

As an advocate of small business participation, Central Region has implemented a small business Architectural & Engineering (A&E) mentor-protégé program, also known as the "Calmentor." In promoting partnership with the private consulting industry, Calmentor supports the participation of certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), and Disabled Veterans Business Enterprises (DVBE) firms in Central Region A&E contracts. Calmentor is consistent with the recent Governor's Executive Order No. S-11-06 (PDF) to encourage new businesses, grow existing businesses, and promote small and emerging business contracting with the State. Voluntary participation in the program is through acceptance and screening of completed applications from mentors and protégés.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Calmentor Program is to increase the pool of certified firms participating in transportation projects by providing them opportunities to network and partner with established firms.

Goals and Objectives

  • Establish a mentoring Program that pairs certified firms with established firms in the same field of expertise
  • Enhance the growth potential of certified firms
  • Ensure that both certified and established firms have equal opportunities to participate in transportation projects
  • Establish a clear, accessible entry point for certified firms that want to do business with Caltrans or other public agencies
  • Develop business relationships that foster new opportunities for both established and certified firms
  • Encourage non-certified firms to obtain certification from appropriate agencies
  • Increase the pool of small businesses


Participants of the Program are Mentors, Protégés, Sponsors, and/or Steering Committee members. Mentors are established firms who are typically prime consultants willing to commit time to help certified firms achieve their growth potential. Protégés are Certified firms who are seeking A&E contracts with Caltrans or other public agencies. Caltrans Central Region is the program's primary sponsor whose aim is to facilitate the growth of certified firms. Any public or local organization may join to co-sponsor the Program.

Program Organization

The 10-member Steering Committee, which guides and maintains the Calmentor Program, has the following roles:

  • Establishes Program goals and objectives and ensures that they are fulfilled
  • Maintains the Calmentor website
  • Collects historical information on how the Program is proceeding
  • Reviews agreements
  • Helps resolve disagreements
  • Establishes the grievance protocol
  • Sets Program policies and procedures
  • Evaluates Program performance
  • Serves as an advisory body to Caltrans

Application to the Program

The program is currently accepting new Mentor and Protégé members. For applications, please contact Briana Rhodes at email address: Briana.Rhodes@dot.ca.gov or call (559) 492-7653. Your completed application will be reviewed by the Steering Committee Members and voted on during the next scheduled Steering Committee Meeting. The following are descriptions of Mentor and Protégé firms:

  1. Mentors: A&E prime consultant firms willing to commit time to help certified firms achieve their growth potential.
  2. Protégés: Certified firms seeking A&E contracts with Caltrans or other public agencies. If your firm is not certified and interested in being certified by the appropriate certifying agency, please go to the Small Business Program for information on the SB/DVBE or the DBE programs.

For additional information, please contact:

Briana Rhodes, Contract Analyst
Central Region Program/Project Management/ Consultant Services Unit
2015 E Shields Ave., Suite 100, Fresno, CA 93726
Phone Number: (559) 492-7653
Fax Number: (559) 243-8020
E-mail: Briana.Rhodes@dot.ca.gov