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Our goal is to provide you with updated information and links to various projects related to Caltrans work in Santa Clara County.

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has started work on a much anticipated State Route 82 (SR-82) El Camino Real Rehabilitation project. The project which began on Monday, February 5, will continue until completion of the project. for more information visit: SR-82 Project webpage

SR-9 Saratoga Creek Bridge Rehabilitation Project

Progress on State Route 9 (SR-9) Saratoga Creek Bridge has been successful. With the majority of construction complete, crews continue working diligently in order to welcome in a new and improved Saratoga Creek bridge.

For more information visit the project page at:

SR-9 Saratoga Creek Bridge Rehabilitation Project webpage


Caltrans Maintenance Team's Exceptional Work in Santa Clara County!

We are thrilled to highlight the outstanding efforts of the Caltrans Maintenance team in Santa Clara County, particularly their relentless work in graffiti and trash removal. Their dedication to keeping our highways clean and visually appealing has made a significant impact on the community. By swiftly addressing graffiti and removing litter, they not only enhance the aesthetic quality of our roads but also promote a sense of pride and safety among residents and commuters. Thank you, Caltrans Maintenance team, for your unwavering commitment to maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of our transportation infrastructure!

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