San Mateo County Quarterly Caltrans Update

San Mateo County highways are as diverse as the communities throughout the county. Situated between the San Francisco Bay to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west, San Mateo County continues to be an important part of Caltrans Bay Area. With 11 highways and state routes, the 2nd and 3rd longest tunnels in California, and two bridges that span the San Francisco Bay, hundreds of thousands of motorists utilize these facilities each day.

State Route 84 Fully Reopened – May 30, 2024

Photograph of damaged roadway on State Route 84 with cracked and buckling asphalt. The photo has "March 2023" superimposed over the image.Photograph of the newly opened roadway on State Route 84. The photo has "May 2024" superimposed over the image.

Caltrans would like to highlight the completion of slide repairs to State Route 84 near Woodside. State Route 84 was fully reopened to two-way traffic on May 30, 2024. The roadway was closed in March 2023 due to landslides related to major weather events. The 250-foot-wide slide area was significant and made the roadway unusable. Once the area stabilized, Caltrans was able to begin repairs and eventually open the roadway to one-way signalized traffic control. This allowed access for motorists while giving our crews a safe work area to complete the repairs. Caltrans would like to thank the public for their patience and support as we worked together to repair the roadway. Reopening video announcement

Project Highlights

Completed - 2024

Photograph of the slide damaged roadway on State Route 84 where the roadway material has broken apart into large pieces and a portion of the roadway is missing, having slid down the hillside.SR-84 Slide Repair - State Route 84 near Woodside, San Mateo County, a conventional two-lane highway between Foxhill Road and Portola Road closed due to slide damaging approximately 250 feet of roadway on March 9, 2023. State Route 84 re-opened to one-way traffic control on July 27, 2023. Fully reopened May 30, 2024.

Active – May 2024

Map showing the project limits of the San Mateo US-101 Pavement Rehabilitation & Median Barrier Upgrade Project. The project is located on US-101 in East Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and Redwood City, from Santa Clara/ San Mateo County line to 0.1 mile south of Whipple Avenue.US-101 Pavement Rehabilitation & Median Barrier Upgrade Project - This project proposes to rehabilitate the pavement from Santa Clara/ San Mateo County line to 0.1 mile south of Whipple Avenue (Post Mile 0.0 to 6.5) on 101 throughout the NB and SB mainline. It will also upgrade the medianbarrier throughout the project limits, replace loop detectors throughout the mainline, update striping, install rumble strips & stripes, and install signs within the project limits. Project website

In Design – Construction 2025

Diagram displaying the existing roadway configuration on State Route 82 (El Camino Real) with two lanes of traffic in each direction and trees lining either side of the roadway.

El Camino Real Roadway Renewal - The El Camino Real Roadway Renewal Project will improve the function, access, and safety of El Camino Real while retaining the character of this critical corridor. The project area stretches 3 miles, between East Santa Inez Avenue and Millbrae Avenue and encompasses uniquely challenging pavement, vegetation, sidewalk, utility, drainage, and safety issues. This stretch of El Camino Real is also lined with heritage tree rows that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and contribute to the unique character of the corridor. Project website