District 1 Local Assistance

NOTE: You can report a non-emergency issue on a State Highway through the Customer Service Request portal. Report highway emergencies to 911 or the California Highway Patrol immediately. You can connect to other Caltrans programs at dot.ca.gov/contact-us or find current road conditions at QuickMap.

The District 1 Office of Local Assistance supports local and regional agencies in securing and administering federal and state funds for transportation projects, obtaining environmental and right-of-way clearances, reviewing plans, specifications and estimates, and monitoring construction of Federal-aid and State-aid local agency administrated engineering projects within the District.

To learn more about funding opportunities, policies, and procedures visit the Division of Local Assistance (DLA) website. The DLA website provides statewide guidelines and procedures information, as well as project monitoring and status reports such as Cooperative Work Agreement (CWA), Inactive Projects, Project End Dates and E76/Invoice/PSA Status.

Project Oversight Staff

Russell Hansen, District Local Assistance Engineer, (707) 684-6991

Rachel Barry, Engineer

Susan Slack, Engineer

Brian Weekly, Engineer

Zafar Inam, Engineer

Kyle Finger, Planner, Non-infrastructure projects, invoicing

Preston Allen, Planner, Clean CA

Tyler Egerer, Planner

Suzanne Theiss, Retired Annuitant Engineer

Environmental Oversight Staff

Cassie Nichols, Environmental Supervisor, (707) 798-7557

Rachelle Estrada, Environmental Coordinator

Vincent Heim, Environmental Coordinator

Wendell Bedell, Environmental Field Maintenance Liaison

Christa Unger, Biologist

Paul Amato, Biologist

Mark Arsenault, Archaeologist

Steven Hansen, Retired Annuitant Biologist

Right of Way Oversight Staff

Natalie Morris, Right of Way Local Agency Liaison

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