Functional Classification (FC)

Functional Classification System


FC Headquarters Coordinators:

Leo Gallagher

Functional Classification is used in determining eligibility for Federal funding programs.  The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) identifies functional classification as a key item in transportation data. Streets and highways are grouped into classes according to the service they provide.

  1. California Road System (CRS) maps - The FHWA stamp of approval is in the lower left corner of each CRS map (PDF), which makes it the official functional classification.
  2. Flowchart to Update Functional Classification with Example of Submittal Package 
  3. FHWA Functional Classification Guidelines
  4. District Coordinator List
  5. Functional Classification Change Request Form
  6. GIS Data Download -  If you have GIS software, you may download the geodatabase from the Caltrans GIS Data Library. To download the dataset, find the Download button, select your data format of choice, and click on Download Options. Select the previously generated download file; you do NOT need to wait for the webpage to generate a new file.

Graphic showing the download feature on the CRS - Functional Classification website