Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility (CVEF)

A Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility (CVEF) commonly called a Weigh Station (WS) is a checkpoint typically located directly off the State highways where the California Highway Patrol (CHP) inspects the weight of trucks and commercial vehicles. the presence of CVEFs is to ensure that the roads are not compromised by potentially overweight vehicles, thus prolonging the useful life of the highway and improving the safety of the traveling public.

CVEFs are equipped with truck static scales and/or Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) scales to weigh trucks and commercial vehicles. Static scales require the trucks to stop, whereas WIM scales permit the trucks to continue moving while being weighed.

CVEF Headquarter Contacts:

Narayan Selwal
Branch Chief, Legal Truck Access Branch 
(916) 387-5982

Amarjit Randhawa
Transportation Engineer
(916) 917-4694

Evan Torres
CVEF Maintenance Coordinator
(916) 917-4099

District CVEF Staff