Mile Marker: A Caltrans Performance Report

Issue 3, 2023

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Director's Message

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Characteristically, Caltrans rises to the latest challenge: The arson-triggered closure of an L.A. freeway

CTC greenlights funds that fuel Caltrans’ fine work

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Mile Marker takes a quick look at what California Transportation Committee has allocated in 2023

Accomplishments report doubles as roadmap for future work

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Noteworthy projects, listed within a framework of Caltrans’ six strategic goals, offer lessons for what’s to come

Project Spotlight: New bridges link to improved safety

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Shoulders widened, seismic elements modernized on State Route 1 in San Luis Obispo County

Division Spotlight: TAM monitors Caltrans’ performance, goals

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Transportation Asset Management refreshes 10-year plan to address anticipated needs

Caltrans has a plan, literally, to make things safer

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RSAP’s aspirational goal is to eliminate roadway deaths, serious injuries

EEOP celebrates, nurtures Caltrans well-rounded workforce

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Archived video library helps employees learn more about diversity, equity and inclusion

QuickMap, the Caltrans app that gets better and better

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Recent additions include tools for commercial vehicles and road closure push-notification options

Robot mowers lighten workload, increase safety

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Remote-controlled machines tackle tight spots, help District 6 crews dodge dangers

Stormwater device brings Caltrans closer to statewide compliance

trash capture device

Caltrans receives patent for space-saving device that makes stormwater flow cleaner and require less maintenance


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Mile Marker shares highlights from recent developments of note that predominantly involve Caltrans

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Caltrans Key Strategic Plan Performance Measures Icons

A select look at the latest quarterly statistics regarding Caltrans Strategic Plan performance objectives