What's New

  • 04-09-19 The Division of Environmental Analysis, Environmental Management Office and the Division of Transportation Planning, Office of Regional Planning have updated the Air Quality Conformity Findings Checklist and the Air Pollutions Standards Table. Both documents can be found on the SER Forms and Templates page. The fact sheet for NEPA CEs and Transportation Conformity Requirements has also been updated and can be found on the SER Other Guidance page.
  • 03-01-19 An updated version of Attachment B, used in Preliminary Environmental Assessment Reports, has been posted to the SER Forms and Templates page. Updates were made to reflect recent changes to the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and level 7 and 8 tasks were added, where appropriate.
  • 02-07-19 The Environmental Management Office has updated the CE Checklist to update the dollar amounts for CEs under 23 CFR 771.117(c)(23) "Projects with limited federal assistance."
  • 02-01-19 The Environmental Management Office has created a fact sheet summarizing the recent updates to the CEQA Guidelines. These updates must be applied to steps not yet undertaken in the CEQA process by the effective date of April 27, 2019. Please see the fact sheet for full details. In addition, Chapters 35, 36, and 37 of the SER have been updated to reflect the new guidelines.

Please contact your District HQ Coordinators if you have any questions. To view all of the amendments to the CEQA Guidelines shown in underline/strikeout format, please see the "Final Adopted Text" at the following link: http://resources.ca.gov/ceqa/.