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  • 12-06-23 The Environmental Management Office has made updates for Executive Order (EO) 14096 - "Revitalizing Our Nation’s Commitment to Environmental Justice for All.” Language has been added under Regulatory Setting in the Environmental Justice section of the Annotated Outlines. This language has been provided by FHWA and must be included in active NEPA documents. In addition, sections and 1.2 and 4.5 of the Community Impact Assessment (CIA) template and Volume 1, Chapter 25 - Environmental Justice of the SER have been updated to include this language.
  • 11-09-23 The Hazardous Waste, Air, Noise, and Paleontology (HWANP) Office has updated the SER Volume 1, Chapter 13-Energy. Edits were made to the Energy Sources and Consumption section. Figure 1 and the following paragraph were updated to correct fuel retail sales volumes.
  • 11-08-23 The Hazardous Waste, Air, Noise, and Paleontology (HWANP) Office has updated the Property Disposal section of the SER Volume 1, Chapter 10- Hazardous Materials, Hazardous Waste, and Contamination. Updates made to this section clarify current District hazardous waste review procedures and in particular procedures of the Environmental Disclosure Memorandum (EDM). The updates also improve consistency with other functional unit procedures pertaining to property disposal.
  • 11-07-23 The Division of Environmental Analysis has prepared Fact Sheets for the following Senate Bills (SBs):
    • SB 145 – Accelerating Environmental Mitigation for Transportation
    • SB 147 – Fully Protected Species: California Endangered Species Act: Authorized Take
    • SB 149 – CEQA: Administrative and Judicial Procedures: Record of Proceedings: Judicial Streamlining

    The Fact Sheets summarize each bill and can be found on the SER Other Guidance page

  • 10-26-23 The Hazardous Waste, Air, Noise, and Paleontology (HWANP) Office has updated the SER Volume 1, Chapter 13-Energy. Updates were made throughout the chapter to reflect the most recent energy guidance and regulations.
  • 09-01-23 The Notice of Statute of Limitations on Claims template has been updated to include current contact information and instructions for electronic submittal. The updated template can be found on the SER Forms and Templates page.