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  • 05-07-24 An update to the CEQA Administrative Record policy memo has been finalized.  This memo supersedes the April 18, 2022 memo "CEQA Administrative Record and Email Retention."

The purpose of this memorandum is to provide updates, clarification, and guidance on Caltrans practices regarding retention of email communications relating to highway projects in conformance with state law (Public Resources Code, section 21167.6[e]), federal guidance (Federal Highway Administration Records Disposition Manual), and existing Caltrans policies.

Updates from the April 18, 2022 memo include the removal of active management of the email project inboxes, clarification pertaining to the confidentiality laws and requirements of Caltrans' cultural resource documents, clarification of email project inboxes for projects that reached Project Initiation Document stage prior to the issuance of this memo, and minor adjustments to the closure of email project inboxes and roles and responsibilities.

This memo can be found on the SER Policy Memos page.

  • 04-05-24 The Environmental Management Office has updated the Community Impact Assessment Template. The updates include adjustments to boilerplate language for environmental justice, as well as the addition of language from FHWA Order 6640.23A (2012), under Section 4.5 – Environmental Justice.  The Community Impact Assessment Template can be found on the SER Forms and Templates page.

The environmental justice updates are not currently reflected in the annotated outlines, which will be updated soon.

  • 03-01-24 The Environmental Management Office has updated the NEPA/CEQA Re-Validation Form to add a reminder to check conformity status (if applicable) prior to approval.

  • 02-02-24 The Hazardous Waste, Air, Noise, and Paleontology (HWANP) Office has updated the Air Quality Report Annotated Outline to show comparisons between baseline and design-year GHG emissions.