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  • 04-19-21 In August 2019, the Division of Local Assistance and Division of Environmental Analysis formed the NEPA Process Improvement Team (Team) to review Caltrans’ current NEPA and other federal environmental procedures and policies. The Team is considering federal statute, FHWA’s current regulations and policies, and other state departments of transportation’s implementation of NEPA to determine whether and how to modify our existing procedures and policies to provide for more efficiencies and flexibilities in delivery of Federal-aid projects.

The Team has produced two memos that outline changes made regarding the requirements for the CE Checklist and for species lists obtained as part of the FESA Section 7 process.  Both memos can be found on the SER Policy Memos page.  As the Steering Committee approves other proposals by the Team, new memos reflecting those decisions will also be posted here.

 Edits to the SER will be forthcoming and will reflect the changes made by these memos. 

  • 03-10-21 A Traffic and Transportation/Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities section has been added to Volume 1: Chapter 5 of the SER.  It includes information regarding SB 743 and reversible lanes.
  • 03-04-21 The Office of Environmental Management has updated Chapters 30-37 of the SER.  Edits we made to reflect the new digital submission requirements for the State Clearinghouse and the revocation of Executive Order 13807 (One Federal Decision).
  • 02-18-21 A link has been added to the Senate Bill (SB) 743 Implementation website on the SER Other Guidance page.  The website includes information about SB 743 and contains links to the Transportation Analysis Framework (TAF) and the Transportation Analysis under CEQA (TAC) guidance documents.
  • 02-01-21 The Cultural Studies Office is in the process of updating the Cultural Resources volume of the SER.  The most recent update includes revisions to Exhibit 1.7 -- Guidance for Professionally Qualified Staff (PQS) Applications.  For additional information, please see the SER Volume 2.