Joint Training and Certification Program (JTCP)

COVID-19 Response

JTCP is now operating again with modifications to address the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Classes are currently being scheduled for all JTCP modules with a reduced number of students in each class (see CSULB website for available dates and registration). The following precautions have been implemented in compliance with university requirements:

  • Social distancing will be practiced, and safe-distancing grids will be outlined on the floor.
  • PPE will always be enforced, and masks are required.
  • Sanitization of frequently touched surfaces will be completed twice a day.
  • Class enrollment has been reduced to 50% of normal capacity (except HMA II).
  • The laboratories have been fitted with Lexan shields in appropriate locations.
  • All participants will be required to fill out a COVID-19 Prescreening Questionnaire each day.
  • The temperature of each participant, graduate assistant, instructor, and proctor will be taken prior to the start of each instructional day.


For the first recertification to any JTCP module (3 years after the initial training), you may opt out of the associated module training days (this excludes the PCC module) provided you have enrolled in a session that occurs before your certification expiration date. If your certifications have expired, you will be required to attend all training days associated with the module.  For those recertifying prior to their expiration date, you are still required to enroll into a regular training class, but you now have the option to attend only on examination day.

Qualified Test Methods: If you elect to opt out of the training, you can only be recertified in test methods obtained during your initial JTCP certification. Test methods that you had opted out of during your initial training will not be considered for certification. To opt back into any test method, you will need to complete the associated module training in its entirety.”


Caltrans may grant extensions to existing certifications for technicians who currently hold or have a recently expired certification. Technicians requesting extension should contact Caltrans JTCP personnel at with subject line "Extension Request". The technician must have paid for and be enrolled in a future JTCP session (see CSULB website for available dates and registration).

 About Us

Caltrans, local agencies, and industry have established a joint training and certification program (JTCP) to make the certification process more efficient and to ultimately obtain consistent, reliable, quality testing through joint training. The need to build a proficient workforce to efficiently manage an ever increasing workload is highlighted with the recent passing of SB1.


Through the JTCP, testing technicians will receive training, gain proficiency and become certified to sample and test highway construction materials. The JTCP will offer training and certification in:

  • Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA)
  • Soils and Aggregates (S/A)
  • Portland Cement Concrete (PCC)

Through a partnership with CSU Long Beach and San Jose State University, JTCP offers four Modules covering several key test methods identified below. Training and certification through JTCP is required for all technicians to receive or maintain certification in the test methods offered through these modules (some exceptions apply, see JTCP FAQ's).

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Hot Mix Asphalt I (HMA I)

Test Method Name/Description
CT 105 Calculations - Gradings
CT 125 Sampling (HMA / Soil & Agg.)
CT 306 Reducing Samples of HMA
AASHTO T 11 Sieve Analysis (Washing)
AASHTO T 27 Sieve Analysis
AASHTO T 176 Sand Equivalent
AASHTO R 76 Reducing Samples of Agg.
AASHTO T 255 Evaporable Moisture Content
AASHTO T 329 Moisture Content (Oven)
AASHTO T 335 Percentage of Fracture
AASHTO R 47 Reducing Samples of HMA

Hot Mix Asphalt II (HMA II)

Test Method Name/Description
AASHTO T 166 Bulk SpG of Compacted HMA - SSD
AASHTO T 209 Max SpG and Density - HMA
AASHTO T 269 Percent Air Voids - HMA
AASHTO T 275 Bulk SpG - HMA
AASHTO T 308 AC Content (Ignition Oven)

Soils and Aggregate (S & A)

Test Method Name/Description
CT 105 Calculations - Gradings
CT 125 Sampling (Soil & Agg.)
CT 201 Sample Preparation
CT 202 Sieve Analysis
CT 205 Percent Crushed Particles
CT 216 Relative Compaction
CT 217 Sand Equivalent
CT 226 Moisture Content (Soil & Agg.)
CT 227 Cleanness Value
CT 229 Durability

Portland Cement Concrete (ACI Field Tech. Grade I)

Test Method Name/Description
ASTM C1064 Temperature of Concrete
ASTM C172 Sampling (Concrete)
ASTM C143 Slump
ASTM C138 Density, Yield, and Air Content
ASTM C231 Air Content (Pressure)
ASTM C173 Air Content (Volumetric)
ASTM C31 Making/Curing Specimens

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