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SACRAMENTO — With more road construction expected from Senate Bill 1, two California State University campuses are offering an innovative worker training program designed by Caltrans that ensures materials used in construction projects are of the highest quality to minimize delays.

The Joint Training and Certification Program (JTCP) was established by Caltrans Materials Engineering and Testing Services along with industry and academia to ensure consistent quality of materials being used in transportation construction projects. Classes are offered at California State Universities Long Beach and San Jose. An influx of projects is expected from Senate Bill 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017.

"Materials quality is essential as we work to deliver the projects funded by SB 1. This training program benefits the public, Caltrans and its transportation partners by developing a capable work force."

Laurie Berman, Director, Caltrans

The JTCP will train and certify technicians for work on SB 1 projects, which should also lead to fewer claims related to the types of material used in transportation projects.

Supported by a $1.3 million grant from Caltrans, the program delivers training and certification for materials-testing technicians in the specialties of Hot-Mix Asphalt, Soils and Aggregates and Portland Cement Concrete. Technicians earn certification by taking a prerequisite test in an area of specialization, followed by in-person class, laboratory and written/practical examination sessions.

The new transportation bill will generate $54 billion in funding over the next decade, split between state and local agencies. It will double the transportation dollars for local communities and double the maintenance dollars for highways.

"The Joint Caltrans/CSU Training Program is a partnership that helps guarantee SB 1’s funding is spent wisely by preparing qualified technicians who are capable of testing and evaluating the materials we use to repair roads to ensure they meet the exacting standards we expect for quality, durability, and safety."

California State Senator Jim Beall, Chair of the California State Senate Transportation and Housing Committee

The JTCP was developed in partnership with CSULB’s College of Engineering. Caltrans, contractor, and local government personnel attend the same classes, work together, and receive equivalent training. This practice fosters respect within the industry, while generating consistency. The program also enables individuals and agencies to verify progress and certifications held by others.

"The highway construction industry, including private companies, local government agencies, and Caltrans, has had a longstanding interest in a joint materials testing certification program. The strong response to the classes indicates that the industry is embracing this new program, which will allow them to become certified in four different sets of construction materials tests."

CSU Long Beach associate professor in civil engineering, Shadi Saadeh, JTCP Program Manager

Approximately eighty classes are planned to be offered over the next fiscal year with new classes opened as the offered classes are filled. For information, visit CSULB’s College of Engineering - Joint Training and Certification Program (JTCP) page.

Joint Training and Certification Program (JTCP) - Current Classes

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