Independent Assurance Program

IA Program COVID-19 Response:
The IA Program will continue to deliver essential services to new laboratories and new technicians as requested through the IA Service Request system at To reduce exposure risk related to COVID-19, we will provide extensions to those labs and personnel that have current certifications but are expiring. We anticipate these extensions will be offered to laboratories and technicians for approximately one month, though this is subject to change. An IA Service request must still be provided for cases of extension. Caltrans IA personnel will evaluate each service request and work directly with the laboratory and technician for extensions.


Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 23, Section 637 Subpart B requires all sampling and testing to be performed by qualified laboratories and personnel for project-produced materials used in the acceptance decision. The Caltrans Independent Assurance Program ensures that sampling and testing is performed correctly through qualification of laboratories and testers.

To request a copy of the IA Manual, IA Manual Amendments, and Annual Reports, contact us using the IA Service Request email provided below.

IA Service Request

The IA Service Request process has been developed as the request mechanism to provide laboratory accreditations and technician certifications. The IA Service Request is managed through the Caltrans Headquarters Independent Assurance Program within the Division of Engineering Services (DES), Materials Engineering and Testing Services (METS).

Requests for laboratory accreditation and/or tester certification are addressed in the order in which a complete submittal has been received. The general process is as follows:

  1. Laboratory submits a completed request form and all required documents to the IA Service Request Coordinator at Request forms are available below.
  2. Cursory review of submitted package is performed for completeness.
  3. Request is assigned to Independent Assurance (IA) staff.
  4. Assigned IA will review the submitted package and requests additional information as needed.
  5. IA staff will schedule and perform laboratory accreditation and/or technician certification.
  6. The Statewide Independent Assurance Database (SIAD) will be updated with lab accreditation and/or tester certification information.

Questions, concerns, and feedback related to the IA Program or the IA Service Request process may be directed to the IA Service Request email address shown above.

IA Service Request Documents

IA Program Office Hours (Written Examination)

Office Location Office Hours Contact  Area Senior 
District 1 - Eureka By Appointment Only

Alexis England

Richard Hibbard

District 2, 3 - Olivehurst By Appointment Only

Anthony Ortiz

Richard Hibbard
District 3 - Sacramento By Appointment Only Ignocencio Herrera Biplab Bhattacharya
District 4 - Various Locations By Appointment Only

David Small

Ed Gamboa

Richard Hibbard

Biplab Bhattacharya

District 5, 6 - Various Locations By Appointment Only Martiniano Ruiz Biplab Bhattacharya
District 7 - Santa Fe Springs By Appointment Only Majid Fahrtosh Sarah Hartz
District 8 - Fontana, Southern Regional Laboratory By Appointment Only Robby Rodriguez Sarah Hartz
District 9 - Various Locations By Appointment Only Ashley Shaw Sarah Hartz
District 10 - Various Locations By Appointment Only Ed Gamboa Biplab Bhattacharya
District 11 - San Diego By Appointment Only Roy "Chip" Denner
Sarah Hartz
District 12 - Huntington Beach By Appointment Only Ashley Shaw Sarah Hartz

IA Associated Programs 

Inertial Profiler Certification Program (IPCP)

Joint Training and Certification Program (JTCP)

Reference Sample Program (RSP)

2022 RSP Schedule

Topic Time Frame
AASHTO T 84 - Determining Specific Gravity and Absorption of Fine Aggregate January - May
AASHTO T 209 - Determining Theoretical Maximum Specific Gravity (Gmm) and Density of 3/4 inch Rubberized Hot Mix Asphalt Mixtures March - August
CT 540/521 - Determining PCC Strength and Fresh Concrete Properties September - December

Reference samples are used to evaluate laboratory equipment and practices, tester competence, and the repeatability of the test methods. RSP provides laboratories an opportunity to compare their performance relative to the entire population of participating laboratories. IA qualification requires laboratories to enroll in the RSP. Laboratories can enroll in RSP and update any changes using the RSP questionnaire.

For RSP reports and interlaboratory study reports, please email