Change Order Examples

The following are examples of change orders and change order memorandums. Use these examples cautiously. The examples are for guidance and general format only. For instance, the examples contain assumptions that may or may not fit actual project situations. Also, the Standard Specifications (PDF) and special provisions in use at the time the examples were written are the basis for the example change orders.

NOTE: Do not assume that your project uses the same specifications. Base change orders on specifications included in the project.

For more information regarding change orders and methods of payment, refer to Section 5-3, "Change Orders," (PDF) of the Construction Manual (PDF).

Additional Work. Change Material Specifications. Increase in Bid Item Quantities (Work-Character Change Payment Adjustment and Extra Work at Force Account)

Additional Work. Increase Bid Item Quantities (Clause for Final Pay Items and Extra Work at Agreed Price)

Claim Entitlement

Compensation for Critical Delay (Payment Adjustment)

Compensation of Interest for Late Payment of Change Order Bills (Payment Adjustment)

Differing Site Condition (Payment Adjustment at Force Account)

Item Adjustment

Item Increase/Decrease and Extra Work

Modify Lump Sum Bid Item With a Specified "Cost Break-Down" (Payment Adjustment and Clause for No Adjustment Due to Eliminated Work)

Modify Lump Sum Bid Item Without a Specified "Cost Break-Down"

Payment Adjustment for Price Index Fluctuations (Before Paving)

Payment Adjustment for Price Index Fluctuations (After Paving)

Resolution of Deferred Time Adjustment

Value Engineering Change Proposal (Decrease Bid Item Quantity and Payment Adjustment)