California Invests $700 Million to Repair and Improve Transportation Infrastructure


Senate Bill 1 provides more than $272 million in funding

Fresno — The California Transportation Commission (CTC) allocated $700 million today to repair and improve transportation infrastructure throughout the state. Senate Bill (SB) 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017, accounts for $272 million – more than a third of the funding.

“This critical investment will help Caltrans continue repairing, maintaining and upgrading our state’s aging transportation infrastructure for improved safety and sustainability. It reflects both the CTC’s and Caltrans’ commitment to providing travelers and communities – as well as California’s dynamic and growing economy – with a world-class, multimodal transportation system.”

Steven Keck, Acting Caltrans Director

Projects approved this week include:


District: 1 - Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake and Mendocino counties
Contact: Manny Machado
Phone: (707) 496-6879

  • Approximately $8.7M toward median and drainage improvements along U.S. 101 from the Route 36 junction to Fortuna in Humboldt County.
  • Approximately $3.9M of emergency allocations toward guardrail, sign, fence, and drainage repairs as well as the removal of hazardous trees near Willow Creek on Route 299 and Route 96 and Route 196 near Pecwan in Humboldt County.
  • Approximately $6.5M of emergency allocations toward guardrail, sign, fence, and drainage repairs as well as the removal of hazardous trees along Route 299 from Blue Lake to the Trinity County line.
  • Approximately $384,000 toward mitigation work at Bachelor Creek Bridge No. 13-4001 on Route 20 near Upper Lake in Lake County.
  • Approximately $3.9M toward emergency allocations for embankment, guardrail, and drainage repairs on Route 175 near Hopland in Lake County.
  • Approximately $5.9M toward improvements at South Fork Eel River Bridge No. 10-0218 on U.S. 101 in Mendocino County.
  • Approximately $1.1M toward road signage improvements on Route 1 at Abalobadiah Creek near Fort Bragg in Mendocino County.
  • Approximately $1.9M toward construction of a retaining wall and roadway and drainage improvements on Route 253 near Boonville in Mendocino County.
  • Approximately $5.2M toward emergency allocations for embankment, guardrail, drainage and road repairs on U.S. 101 near Willits in Mendocino County.

District: 2 - Lassen, Modoc, Plumas, Shasta, Siskiyou, Tehama and Trinity counties
Contact: Kurt Villavicencio
Phone: (530) 225-3426

  • The Trinity Four Bridges in Trinity County at Dobbins Gulch Bridge, Stuart Fork Bridge, Mule Creek Bridge and on SR 299 at Grass Valley Bridge. The project will repair concrete, clean and paint structural steel, repair bearings and anchor joints, replace guardrail and bridge barrier, and add numerous additional safety features.
  • The Poison Lake Curve Improvement project in Lassen County near Old Station, from 6.5 miles east to 7.1 miles east of the Shasta County line. The project provides roadway curve improvement/roadway safety improvements.
  • The Potato Cut project in Shasta County near Montgomery Creek from just west of Woodhill Drive to 1 mile west of Big Bend Road. This project provided roadway curve improvement, widens shoulders, corrects a cross slope and installs guardrail.
  • The Yreka Maintenance Station Shop project in Siskiyou County at the Caltrans Yreka Maintenance Station. This project includes the construction of a new mechanic shop.
  • The SIS Worker Safety project in Siskiyou County at various locations from just west of Klamath River Bridge to a mile east of Empire Creek. This project improves highway worker safety by paving maintenance vehicle pullouts, stabilizes slopes to prevent sediment runoff, and installs a new traction sand trap a the Seiad Valley Maintenance Station.
  • The Shalas CAPM project in Lassen County about nine miles east of Old Station from the Shasta County line to SR 36. This project will rehabilitate pavement, upgrade guardrail and Transportation Management System (TMS) elements.
  • The O’Brien CAPM project in Shasta County near Shasta Lake City, from north of Pit River Bridge to 2 miles north of the Riverview Drive Undercrossing. This project includes rehabilitating pavement, upgrading guardrail, and TMS elements, along with replacing signage.
  • The Grenada Pavement project in Siskiyou County near Weed, from North Edgewood Overhead to north of Grenada Overcrossing. This project includes rehabilitating pavement, adding lighting, upgrading guardrail, drainage and TMS elements, and replacing signage.
  • The West 8th Street Rehabilitation project in Modoc County on West 8th Street between Warner and West C. This project improves the existing roadway with a hot mix asphalt overlay, minor gutter and sidewalk repairs, and pedestrian accessibility upgrades at spot locations.
  • The Court Street Phase 1 project in Modoc County from 1st Street to 4th Street. This project will rehabilitate and reconstruct the existing structural section with replacement pavement and will use cold-in place recycling for existing pavement. The project also includes curb, gutter, and sidewalk upgrades and modifications to existing storm drain facilities.
  • The Ingot Curve Improvement project in Shasta County near Redding, from two miles west to 1.3 miles west of Du Bois Road. This project includes realigning curve safety, improving cross slope, widening shoulders, and installing guardrail.

District: 3 - Butte, Colusa, El Dorado, Glenn, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento, Sierra, Sutter, Yolo and Yuba counties
Contact: Kevin Murphy
Phone: (530) 812-7282

  • Butte County: $212,000 allocated to upgrade traffic signals, install pedestrian push buttons and countdown signals, and restripe crosswalks to improve pedestrian safety on Highway 32 in Chico at Main Street and Oroville Avenue.
  • Placer County: $260,000 allocated to convert the intersection at State Route 267 and State Route 28 to a roundabout to improve mobility, safety and efficiency at the western approach to Kings Beach. This project will also provide 1,900 feet of Class II bike lanes, 2,325 feet of new or reconstructed sidewalks, six curb ramps, and two rectangular rapid flashing beacons.
  • Sacramento County: $557,000 allocated for a traffic signal and to widen lanes and shoulders on Highway 16 near Sloughhouse, at the intersection with Eagles Nest Road.
  • Sacramento County: $1.6 million allocated for Highway 99 in Elk Grove to construct two southbound auxiliary lanes and a concrete median barrier, extend the storage lane at the southbound Elk Grove Boulevard off-ramp, and upgrade five ramp metering systems from Elk Grove Boulevard to south of Calvine Road. 
  • Sacramento County: $61.6 million allocated to construct a foundation in preparation to widen the American River Bridge from north of the B Street underpass to north of the Exposition Boulevard overcrossing and the Cal Expo undercrossing. 
  • Sacramento County: $33.6 million allocated for Interstate 5 in Sacramento County to construct acceleration and deceleration merge lanes and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) infrastructure from the Arena Boulevard interchange to south of the Yolo County line. 
  • Sacramento County: $504,000 allocated for the construction of a Class I bicycle and pedestrian overcrossing for the Laguna Creek Inter-Regional Trail in Elk Grove over State Route 99, between Sheldon Road and Bond Road/Laguna Boulevard.
  • Sacramento County: $390,000 allocated for the construction of curb extensions, crosswalks, curb ramps, hardened medians, an expanded transit stop, widened sidewalks and speed humps for the South Sacramento County Safe Routes to School Project for Ethel Baker, Nicholas, and Pacific elementary schools. 
  • Sacramento County: $11.1 million allocated for the construction of a new Elk Grove passenger rail station, which will be part of new passenger rail services between Stockton and Sacramento.
  • Yuba County: $600,000 allocated to repair culverts and slope, place erosion control, and repair an access road near Camptonville south of Cleveland Avenue.
  • Multiple Counties: $2.4 million allocated in Nevada, El Dorado, Placer, Sierra, and Yuba Counties, on Routes 20, 49, 80, 174, and 193 at various locations to continue the removal of debris and hazardous trees from recent heavy snowstorms.
  • Multiple Counties: $3.5 million allocated for Sacramento and Yolo counties to reconstruct and upgrade existing pedestrian infrastructure, enhance crosswalk and bike lane markings, and add lighting and signs to improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety in Sacramento at 12th Avenue and at Florin Road and in Yolo County on Route 113 at Russell Boulevard and at County Road 31.
  • Multiple Counties: $4.7 million allocated for South Placer Transit for five electric buses to provide express bus service from Lincoln along the Highway 65 corridor before continuing on Interstate 80 into Sacramento County, terminating at Sacramento Regional Transit’s Watt/I-80 light rail station.
  • Multiple Counties: $4 million allocated to rehabilitate pavement, construct a truck climbing lane, replace the Kingvale and Troy Road undercrossings, replace sign panels, upgrade lighting and Transportation Management System (TMS) elements, and rehabilitate drainage systems on Interstate 80 near Kingvale, in both Placer and Nevada counties, from just west of the Troy Road undercrossing to just east of the Soda Springs overcrossing.

District: 4 -  Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano and Sonoma counties
Contact: Vince Jacala
Phone: (510) 385-7069

In Alameda County:
  • $1.38 million to remove debris, place erosion control, and install cable net drapery system to prevent rockfall along State Route 84 near Fremont in Alameda County.
  • $1.23 million to upgrade the facilities to ADA standards at the southbound offramp to Scott Creek Road on Interstate 680 in Fremont, Alameda County.
  • $1.44 million to construct permanent Best Management Practices (BMPs) to achieve statewide National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit compliance for trash capture and Total Maximum Daily Load (TDML) in various locations in Alameda and Santa Clara counties on Routes 80 and 880.
In Napa County:
  • $1.45 million to reconstruct a slop, install horizon drains, and place erosion control on State Route 29 near Calistoga, Napa County.
In San Francisco:
  • $3.74 million to rehabilitate bridges by overlaying bridge deck, replacing joint seals, and upgrading bridge rails on the Central Viaduct and on Interstate 80 at the Bayshore Viaduct in San Francisco County.
In San Mateo County:
  • $1.9 million to upgrade curb ramps and sidewalks to ADA standards along State Route 82 in Burlingame, Hillsborough, and Millbrae, San Mateo County.
  • $1.3 million to stabilize the embankment by installing rock slope protection, installing a drainage system, and placing erosion control on State Route 1 near Montara, San Mateo County.
  • $1.77 million to reconstruct damaged slopes by re-grading and installing rock slope protection and boulder rocks, installing fencing, clearing debris and hazardous waste, and placing erosion control on State Route 84 in Redwood City, San Mateo County.
In Santa Clara County:
  • $16.2 million to rehabilitate pavement, upgrade signs, guardrail, and Transportation Management System (TMS) elements, rehabilitate drainage systems, and upgrade facilities to ADA standards along Route 101 in Santa Clara County.
  • $10.96 million to replace pedestrian push-button signals with Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) and refresh crosswalk markings to improve pedestrian safety in Santa Clara County.
  • $7.8 million to construct an auxiliary lane on highway 237 in San Jose from North First St. to Zanker Rd. in Santa Clara County.
  • $4.75 million to construct maintenance vehicle pullouts and control vegetation in Santa Clara County near Gilroy.
  • $2 million to install new pumps to prevent flooding on Interstate 280 at the Bird Avenue Overcrossing in San Jose, Santa Clara County.
In Solano County:
  • $4.77 million to resurface the pavement, upgrade guardrails and drainage systems, and upgrade curb ramps to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards on Rt. 12 near Rio Vista, Solano County from Currie Road to Azevedo Road.

District: 5 - Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz counties
Contact: Jim Shivers
Phone: (805) 549-3237

  • $7.7 million for a construction project on US 101 in Salinas in Monterey County, between East Market Street and Sherwood Drive. This project will improve the northbound Market Street onramp by adding a retaining wall and lengthening the onramp to improve merging for travelers and reduce the number and severity of collisions.
  • $4.4 million to restore a storm damaged slope and construct a soldier pile wall on Hwy. 1 near Morro Bay in San Luis Obispo County just south of Toro Creek Road.
  • $2.3 million for restoration of infrastructure damaged by this January’s Colorado Fire on Hwy. 1 south of the Rocky Creek Bridge and north of Palo Colorado Road. This project is necessary to clear debris, repair damaged drainage systems and install erosion control measures to reduce the chance of slides.

District: 6 - Kings, Tulare, Fresno, Madera and Kern counties
Contact: Christian Lukens

  • Roundabout Construction Project on State Route 180 in Fresno County: $5.8 million project will construct a roundabout on State Route 180 near Rolinda from 0.3 miles west to 0.3 miles east of Dickenson Avenue. 
  • Bridge Deck Preservation Project on State Routes 41 and 168 in Fresno County and State Route 137 in Tulare County: $2.1 million project will apply polyester concrete overlays to bridge decks in and near the City of Fresno on State Route 41 at the Jensen Avenue Overcrossing and on State Route 168 at the Gettysburg Avenue Undercrossing; also in Tulare County on State Route 137 at Outside Creek Bridge. 
  • Bridge Deck Preservation Project on State Routes 99 and 152 in Madera County: $1.8 million project will apply polyester concrete overlays to bridge decks on State Route 99, near Chowchilla, at Berenda Slough Bridge, and on State Route 152 at Ash Slough Bridge. 

District: 7 - Los Angeles and Ventura counties
Contact: Marc Bischoff
Phone: (213) 317-0338

  • Downtown Los Angeles Broadway Historic Theater District Pedestrian Improvements 4th-6th Streets: Installing curb extensions, widening sidewalks, improving pedestrian lighting, enhancing crosswalks, and providing pedestrian amenities including benches, street trees, landscaped buffers from traffic and bike racks. Construct 2,319 feet of sidewalk and 12 curb ramps. Install one traffic signal and provide lighting for 16 intersections. $5.6 million
  • City of Paramount West Santa Ana Branch Bikeway Phase 2: Located along the Metro owned railroad right-of-way bisecting the northeast area of the city. The Phase 2 bikeway extends from Somerset Boulevard to Rosecrans Avenue. The project will install a Class I bikeway, bikeway lighting, a traffic signal, a HAWK pedestrian signal, high visibility crosswalks, ADA compliant curb ramps, street furniture, and fencing to provide separation of bikeway users from adjacent land uses and railroad. Construct 4,750 feet Class I bike path and six curb ramps. Install two rectangular rapid flashing beacons and one traffic signal. $3.07 million
  • Santa Monica East Pico Quick Build: Design and install a quick build project on East Pico Boulevard between 28th Street and 34th Street in the city. Install 13 crosswalks and two rectangular rapid flashing beacons. $800K
  • Pomona Multi-Neighborhood Pedestrian & Bicycle Improvements: Includes eight bikeways and 14 intersections throughout the city. Design and construct 10.02 miles of new bike facilities. 14 intersections will receive pedestrian upgrades, including high visibility crosswalks, bulb-outs, and rectangular rapid flashing beacons. Construct of 16,738 feet of Class II; 29,621 feet of Class III; and 6,600 feet of Class IV bike facilities. $515K
  • Los Angeles Safe Route To School Berendo Middle & Three Feeder Elementary Schools Safety Project: To address high-speed traffic, the project scope includes one mile of Class III bike route, 27 curb extensions, two traffic circles, 8,700 square feet of new pedestrian space, one raised crosswalk, two HAWK signals, 12 Accessible Pedestrian Signals, 19 new ramps, one rectangular rapid flashing beacon, and seven speed humps. $188K
  • Duarte Active Transportation Safety Project: Central Avenue from Bradbury Avenue to Highland Avenue; Evergreen Street from Buena Vista Street to Highland Avenue; and I-210 underpasses at Highland, Duncannon, and Buena Vista Streets. Construct 7,920 feet of Class II bike lanes and new sidewalk, reconstruct 1,500 feet of sidewalk, and add lighting. $150K

District: 8 - Riverside and San Bernardino counties
Contact: Terri Kasinga
Phone: (951) 232-4268 

  • San Bernardino County, State Route 18: In and near Big Bear Lake and Lucerne Valley, at various locations, from Route 38 at Big Bear Lake Dam to Arctic Canyon Wash. Outcome/Output: Replace culverts to ensure efficient drainage and preserve the integrity of the highway. ($4.061 million)
  • San Bernardino County, Various Locations: In San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, at various locations. Upgrade or install curve warning signs.
  • San Bernardino County, State Route 18: In and near the cities of San Bernardino and Big Bear Lake, from 0.2 mile south of Arrowhead Springs Road to 0.1 mile south of Keystone Road. An intense rainstorm on December 24, 2021, caused flooding, erosion, undermining, and rockslides along Route 18. Lanes were lost, and the route was closed in both directions due to damage. This project is necessary to remove debris, replace guardrail, construct reinforced embankments, repair drainage systems, scale slopes to remove loose rock, and repair roadway damage. ($5 million)
  • Riverside County, State Route 60: In Jurupa Valley, from east of Pyrite Street to East of Valley Way. Replace and rehabilitate landscaping and irrigation system. ($526,000)
  • Riverside County, State Route 79: Near San Jacinto, from Ramona Expressway/Sanderson Avenue to Gilman Springs Road. Outcome/Output: Construct concrete median barrier and install ground-in rumble strips to improve safety. This project will reduce the number and severity of collisions. ($5.156 million)
  • Riverside County, Interstate 10: In and near Palm Springs and Cathedral City, from 1.7 mile east of Route 111 to Ramon Road. Outcome/Output: Improve safety and reduce wrong-way collisions by installing wrong-way pavement markers and upgrading pavement delineation at onramps and offramps. This project will reduce the number and severity of collisions. ($1.365 million)

District: 9 - Inyo, Kern and Mono counties
Contact: Christopher Andriessen 
Phone: (760) 937-2138

  • The Town of Mammoth Lakes received $664,000 to improve Laurel Mountain Road. Improvements planned for this project include a sidewalk on the east side of the road, streetlights, curbs and gutters, bike lanes, storm drains, and reconstruction of the pavement.
  • The Mono County Local Transportation Commission received $135,000 to help fund planning, programming, and monitoring.

District: 11 - San Diego and Imperial counties
Contact: Hayden Manning
Phone: (619) 688-6723

  • $7.45 million on SR-905 at the Otay Mesa Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility (CVEF) to add new inspection lane and truck weighing system to reduce delay and emissions from idling vehicles.
  • $10 million on I-5 in the city of San Diego from Cesar E. Chavez Parkway to Washington Street to replace existing fences with hardened fencing, reconstructing damaged slopes, repairing damaged electrical systems and conduit, and install hardscape.
  • $4.75 million on SR-78 in the city of Vista from Emerald Drive to Sycamore Avenue to replace existing fences with hardened fencing, reconstructing damaged slopes, repairing damaged electrical systems and conduit, and install hardscape.
  • $16.5 million on I-805 in Chula Vista at H Street to replace two damaged culverts that run under I-805 and H Street. 
  • $2.314 million to SANDAG for the Los Angeles-San Diego-San Luis Obispo Rail Corridor to replace obsolete crossing control equipment and related components in San Diego, Del Mar and Encinitas.
  • $6.48 million to SANDAG for the MTS Trolley Rail Line to construct an additional platform and track at the El Cajon Transit Center to allow Trolley service to terminate at El Cajon Transit Center.

District: 12
Contact: Nathan Abler
Phone: (657) 650-5146

  • $21.2 million for two projects in Newport Beach, Huntington Beach and Seal Beach on SR-1 (Pacific Coast Highway, PCH) to replace traffic signals, upgrade the concrete barrier, make pedestrian and bicycle upgrades at intersections and crosswalks, construct and upgrade bicycle facilities to improve safety, and upgrade facilities to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. 
  • $14.8 million for a project in Huntington Beach on SR-1 (PCH) to rehabilitate pavement, replace traffic loop detectors and guardrail, add Class II bike lanes, and upgrade facilities to ADA standards. 
  • $2.4 million for a project on I-5 and SR-91 in Buena Park to enhance highway worker safety by constructing access trails and access gates, relocating facilities away from traffic, and installing features to reduce repetitive maintenance activities. 
  • $870,000 for a project in Irvine, Tustin, Santa Ana, Orange, Anaheim and Fullerton on I5 to reduce wrong-way driving by replacing signs, refreshing pavement delineation, constructing raised islands, and installing safety lighting.
  • $641,000 for a project on the I-5 northbound onramp from Trabuco Road in Irvine to modify existing traffic signal, install lighting and signs, and refresh pavement delineation to improve safety. This project will reduce the number and severity of collisions.

SB 1 provides $5 billion in transportation funding annually split between the state and local agencies. Road projects progress through construction phases more quickly based on the availability of SB 1 funds, including projects that are partially funded by SB 1.

For more information about transportation projects funded by SB 1, visit