$312 Million in Clean California Projects to Beautify and Revitalize Public Spaces Throughout the State


Sacramento – As part of Governor Gavin Newsom’s landmark $1.1 billion Clean California initiative, Caltrans is awarding $312 million for 126 beautification projects along the state highway system.

Designed to foster cultural connections and civic pride, the projects are expected to generate 3,600 jobs as part of the multiyear initiative led by Caltrans to remove trash and beautify community gateways and public areas along highways, streets, and roads while creating thousands of jobs for Californians. 98 percent of the projects will benefit historically underserved or excluded communities.

"Caltrans partnered with communities throughout California to identify and develop projects that meet the specific needs of each individual region while also enhancing and beautifying public spaces. By working together, we are better able to restore public pride in our communities and help change the habits that create litter in the first place."

Toks Omishakin, Caltrans Director

Developed in close collaboration with tribal and local governments, non-profits and businesses, the 126 state beautification projects include art installations, green space, and proposals that improve safety and promote community connections. Construction begins in April 2022. A full list of projects can be found here.

Governor Newsom made the announcement on Friday in San Francisco, at the site of a Clean California project that will include a tree nursery, dog park, and other features.

Projects approved include: 

District: 1 - Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake and Mendocino counties
Contact: Rhiannon Montgomery
Phone: (707) 601-9913

  • Eureka Box Art Program
  • Hoopa Downtown Beautification
  • Berry Summit Vista Point Beautification
  • Covelo Downtown Connectivity
  • Orleans Community Enhancement
  • Vance Parklet
  • Samoa Bridge Murals

District: 2 - Lassen, Modoc, Plumas, Shasta, Siskiyou, Tehama and Trinity counties
Contact: Samantha O’Reilly
Phone: (530) 768-3037

  • Modoc County: Two gateway monuments and Alturas Pit River Bridge enhancements
  • Trinity County gateway monuments
  • Chester gateway monuments
  • Greenville landscaping
  • Safety fencing in Shasta and Tehama County
  • Susanville gateway monument
  • Yreka landscaping and beautification

District: 3
Contact: Kevin Murphy
Phone: 530-812-7282

  • Downtown Sacramento Landmarks Project (City of Sacramento/Sacramento County): This $5.8 million project will improve and upgrade sections of Interstate 5 (I-5) and State Route 51 (Business 80) including the "Boat Section" of I-5 between Capitol Mall and U Street and the "Marconi Curve" on Business 80 at  Marconi Avenue. Enhancements will include the installation of materials with aesthetic designs, public art, and fencing. The estimated start date is October 2022 with an expected completion date of September 2023. 
  • State Route 99 (SR-99) Golden State Highway Beautification Project – Phases 1 & 2 (City of Sacramento/Sacramento County): These projects will improve and upgrade a 9-mile stretch of SR-99 between the Broadway undercrossing and the Stockton Boulevard overcrossing. Enhancements will include the painting of existing sound walls and retaining walls and the installation of slope paving, improved lighting, and aesthetic fencing on bridges and pedestrian crossings. Murals will also be installed at the 2nd Avenue and 21st Avenue undercrossings. 
    The total cost of this project is $13.8 million with an estimated start date of July 2022 for Phase 1 and December 2022 for Phase 2. The expected completion date for both phases is June 2023.
  • State Route 70 (SR-70) Oroville Beautification and Safety Project (City of Oroville/Butte County): This $3.2 million project provides beautification and safety improvements for two interchanges along SR-70 at Montgomery Avenue and State Route 162. Improvements include creating dry creek beds and rock outcroppings, adding non-irrigated plants, and installing transportation art and sculptures. The estimated start date is May 2022 with an expected completion date of June 2023.
  • Marysville On-ramp Beautification Project (City of Marysville/Yuba County): This project will improve and upgrade the southbound on-ramp of SR-70 from 1st Street and F Street. Enhancements for this project include painting bridge walls, reconstructing and extending sidewalks, and the installation of mulch around pedestrian ramps. This $728,000 project is expected to begin construction in June 2022 with an expected completion date of December 2022. 
  • State Route 99 (SR-99) Chico Beautification and Safety Improvement Project (City of Chico/Butte County): This $4.5 million project will improve and upgrade two highway interchanges along SR-99 in the south area of the City of Chico at E. 20th Street and Skyway. Improvements include the installation of inert landscaping material and aesthetic fencing, sculpture artwork, slope paving, and irrigation-free trees. The estimated start date is July 2022 with an expected completion date of December 2022. 
  • Orland Interchange Beautification Project (City of Orland/Glenn County): This $2.7 million project will improve and upgrade the I-5 and State Route 32 interchange. Enhancements will include sculpture artwork, slope paving, and the installation of inert landscape materials. The estimated start date is July 2022 with an expected completion date of December 2022. 

District: 4
Contact: Gia Whiteside
Phone: (510) 254-1747

  • Sonoma and Solano counties - U.S 101, State Route 37 and Interstate 780 - Enhanced Infrastructure - Safety Enhancement Projects: Install safety measures at bridge structures including decorative security fencing, decorative paving, and natural rock groundcover.
  • Alameda County - Interstate 80 - Berkeley Roadside Planting: Install planting, irrigation, gateway monument, aesthetics enhancements, rock blanket and a 3-year plant establishment period.
  • Alameda County - State Route 185 - Oakland Enhanced Pedestrian Lighting: Install pedestrian scale lighting to brighten the pedestrian experience and to help enliven the space for the community. This project will also install solar powered garbage cans.
  • Alameda County - Interstate 880 - Oakland Roadside Enhancements: Clean-up, aesthetics on walls and concrete barriers, enhanced paving, inert materials and planting, irrigation, and plant establishment. Delivery by job order contracting.
  • Alameda County - Interstate 980 and State Route 24 - Enhanced Infrastructure - Safety Enhancement Projects: Install safety measures at bridge structures including decorative security fencing, decorative paving, and natural rock groundcover.
  • Alameda, Contra Costa and San Francisco counties - State Routes 160, 24 and Interstate 80 - Architectural Lighting of Bay Area Portals: This project will install architectural lighting of the Bay Area portals (Posey Tube, Caldecott Tunnel, Yerba Buena Island). The architectural lighting will be capable of colorful displays and/or white light that could be changed with seasonal interest.
  • Contra Costa County - Interstates 580 and 80 - Richmond Art and Light: Install pedestrian scale lighting to brighten the pedestrian experience and artwork to help enliven the space for the community. Additional improvements include decorative paving, fencing and slope paving.
  • Contra Costa County - Interstates 580, 80 and State Route 4 - Enhanced Infrastructure - Safety Enhancement Projects: Install safety measures at bridge structures including decorative security fencing, decorative paving, and natural rock groundcover.
  • San Francisco County - Interstate 80 - SOMA Street Tree Nursery: This project proposes to convert a highly visible blighted parcel at the 5th St/SR-80 interchange to an active tree nursery and education center. Funded improvements would include ornamental security fence and gates, public art pieces, driveways and vehicle access, ground surface prep, and electrical and water service. The space would be utilized for growing and storing container plant material and hosting educational efforts.
  • San Francisco County - U.S. 101 - San Francisco Potrero Hill Gateway: Provide enhancements to beautify and complement pedestrian/ bicycle use in the Portrero Hill neighborhood. Install decorative fencing, slope paving and pedestrian lighting.
  • San Mateo and Santa Clara counties - U.S. 101, Interstate 80 and State Route 84 - Enhanced Infrastructure - Safety Enhancement Projects: Install safety measures at bridge structures including decorative security fencing, decorative paving, and natural rock groundcover.
  • Santa Clara County - Interstate 280 - San Jose Almaden Beautification: Install improved and new sidewalks, fencing, buffer planting areas between the sidewalk and street including street trees, and infrastructure features to facilitate creation of community gardens and safe storage for unsheltered individuals.
  • Santa Clara County - Interstate 680 - San Jose Art: Clean up, modification or beautification of existing structures, lighting, enhanced paving, fencing, walls, inert material, green street elements, planters, planting/irrigation, signage or displays, public art installations such as murals or sculptures, improvement of public spaces in underserved communities, safety measures or alternative mode uses (ZEV Charging, transit stops, bike parking).
  • Santa Clara County - U.S. 101 - San Jose Havana-Midfield Park: The City of San Jose approached Caltrans for development of this unused Caltrans space into a pocket park for the community and Caltrans has implemented an airspace lease for this parcel with the City of San Jose.
  • Solano County - State Route 12 - Fairfield and Suisun Planting: Install low-water use plants, recycled water irrigation, plant establishment, community identification, fencing and inert groundcover.
  • Solano County - State Routes 29 and 37 - Vallejo-Bay/Vine Trail: This project will fund enhancements to the Vallejo-Bay/Vine bike trail project. The project will provide entry monument signing on SR 29 near Enterprise Blvd and SR37 at Broadway Boulevard. In addition, the funding will install a concrete post and rail fence between the bike trail and adjacent Wilson Avenue within state right of way. Enhanced colored pavement at three locations will help to improve the experience for the trail users.

District: 5 - Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz counties
Contact: Colin Jones
Phone: (805) 549-3189

District 5's 12 projects that total $11.5 million:

  • Highway 154 in Santa Ynez, Santa Barbara County – Chumash Museum Beautification
  • Hwy. 166 in New Cuyama, Santa Barbara County – Highway Beautification and Community Enhancements
  • Hwy. 135 in Santa Maria, Santa Barbara County – Main Street Beautification and Pedestrian Upgrades
  • Hwy. 1 in Oceano, San Luis Obispo County – Main Street Parklet Creation
  • US 101 in Atascadero, San Luis Obispo County – Park & Ride Lot Enhancement
  • US 101 in King City, Monterey County – Highway Beautification and Pedestrian enhancements
  • Hwy. 25 in San Benito County – Pinnacles National Park Highway Beautification
  • Hwy. 156 in San Juan Bautista, San Benito County – Pedestrian Enhancements
  • US 101 in Salinas, Monterey County – Alisal Neighborhood Beautification (three under-crossings)
  • Hwy. 156 in Castroville, Monterey County – Pedestrian Enhancements
  • Hwy. 183 in Castroville, Monterey County – ‘Arch’ Landmark Restoration
  • Highways 129/152 in Watsonville, Santa Cruz County – Historic Main Street Beautification

District: 6 - Kings, Tulare, Fresno, Madera and Kern counties
Contact: Erika Flores
Phone: (559) 383-5174 

  • Kerman Roundabout Enhancement Project in the county of Fresno: Transform the central island by replacing vegetation and installing a rock blanket or decomposed granite within the central island to reduce maintenance; including revision of the existing irrigation system, repair of existing hardscaping, paving along sidewalk edge; and monument installation.
  • McKinley Public Space Improvement in the county of Fresno: Install a public gathering space; install street furnishings such as benches, fencing, planting, and irrigation; install sculptures created in partnership with local artists; convert the space into a community garden if approved; install planter boxes and a community building. 
  • Madera Block Wall Enhancement in the county of Madera: Install oleander planting in front of the block wall to deter tagging; install a simple artistic design to further discourage tagging to the wall.
  • City of Avenal Enhancement in the county of Kings: Improving the vegetation; install radar feedback speed signs along SR 269 to enhance the safety of users along the corridor; install a gateway monument.
  • McFarland/Delano Enhancement in the county of Kern: Create a new pedestrian trail system along the freeway for both the NB and SB frontage roads; install artwork and site appurtenances, benches, trash receptacles; reconstruct right of way fence; install slope paving beneath bridge
  • Cutler/Orosi Corridor Enhancement in the county of Tulare: Construct road diet including traffic calming elements such as bulb- outs which could be expanded to create small pockets of public space for artwork placement; install rectangular rapid flashing beacons at marked crosswalks; install accent and shade tree planting to reduce heat island effects; develop safe bike lanes to promote active transportation; incorporate streetscape furnishings including an aesthetic related family of streetscape elements such as benches, trash receptacles, bike racks, bus stop furnishings; accent paving in sidewalks at spot locations of interest; add free standing art and/or a gateway monument at community entryways and along the corridor.

District: 7 - Los Angeles and Ventura counties
Contact: Allison Queen, Clean California Public Information Officer 
Phone: (213) 269-0746

  • U.S. Route 101 Lankershim to Beaudry Beautification. The project will beautify the landscape areas of the on/off-ramps, and slopes along U.S. Route 101 in Los Angeles County from Lankershim Blvd to N. Beaudry Ave. A decorative sculpture and rock design, California native plants and new decorative colored concrete will be installed. Overhead signs will be enhanced by removal of barbed wire and installation of dimpled sleeves on columns, and irrigation will be upgraded for water conservation and theft prevention. Estimated cost: $3.151 million. Estimated completion date is April 3, 2023.

  • State Route 118 Simi Valley Beautification. The project will enhance six interchanges in Simi Valley by replacing dying groundcover with aesthetically pleasing rock cobble. Native, drought tolerant plants to control erosion and provide pollinator habitat will be planted in selected areas at local streets to enhance the visual experience for the local community. As the community requested, each interchange will receive a different plant palette and hardscape or aesthetic motif to provide a unique place-making aesthetic to each location. Estimated cost: $3.924 million. Estimated completion date is June 16, 2023.

  • Interstate 10 to State Route 60 Safety Enhancement. The project includes installation of esthetically pleasing durable fencing that will prevent unsafe access at 28 locations, reduce litter, and enhance neighborhood safety in underserved communities. Estimated cost: $3.866 million. Estimated completion date is June 20, 2023. 

  • Interstate 5 Sun Valley Beautification. The project will improve the aesthetic appearance of roadside and interchanges at Roscoe Boulevard, Sunland Boulevard, Penrose Street, Tuxford Street, Lankershim Boulevard, Laurel Canyon Boulevard, Sheldon Street, Branford Street, Osbourne Street, Terra Bella Street, Van Nuys Boulevard, and Paxton Street by installing wall fencing & vines, restoring irrigation systems, replacing dead plants with new plants, installing new irrigation systems and stabilizing eroding soil areas with decorative and/or colored Rock Slope Protection (RSP). Installing a rock blanket, stamped concrete, and slope paving. Estimated cost: $6.053 million.  Estimated completion date:  June 10, 2023.

  • Interstate 710/Compton Paramount Beautification. This project will enhance 1.5 miles of roadside by adding trees, shrubs, ground covers, replacement of irrigation systems and installation of artwork and art elements to revitalize the area and reflect the cities’ historical values. Estimated cost: $3.913 million. Estimated completion date: June 20, 2023.

District: 8  
Contact: Eric Dionne
Phone: (909) 383-6799

  • Nipton Road Gateway Monument on Interstate 15
  • Needles Gateway Monument on Interstate 40
  • Blythe Gateway Monument on Interstate 10
  • San Bernardino Gateway Monument on State Route 18
  • Stateline Gateway Monument on State Route 62

District: 9
Contact: Joe Reidhead
Phone: (760) 881-7730

  • Bridgeport Main Street Banner: The Bridgeport Main Street Banner project will install a banner structure that spans scenic US Highway 395 at the intersection of the highway and Sinclair Street in the town of Bridgeport in Mono County. The banner structure will be a placemaking focal point where the community can suspend customized event and welcome banners over the historic main street.
  • Mono Lake Guardrail Beautification and Safety: The Mono Lake MGS (Midwest Guardrail System) beautification and safety project will replace outdated guardrails with safer, color-treated guardrail systems that will complement the beauty of the scenic basin near the town of Lee Vining in Mono County. A beautification treatment will allow the guardrails to blend into the surrounding environment.
  • Fort Independence Lighting: The Fort Independence Lighting project will install lighting along US Highway 395, where the highway divides the Fort Independence Indian Reservation in Inyo County.
  • Fort Independence Monuments: The Fort Independence Monuments project will install gateway monuments along US Highway 395 at the northern and southern boundaries of the Fort Independence Indian Reservation in Inyo County. The monuments will serve as placemaking focal points that enhance the community space.
  • Rosamond Interchange Xeriscape: The Rosamond Interchange Xeriscape project will beautify the interchange of State Route 14 and Rosamond Boulevard within the community of Rosamond in Kern County. A minimal water use xeriscape will replace the existing drought sensitive landscape, reducing maintenance needs and enhancing worker safety.

District: 11 – San Diego & Imperial Counties
Contact: Nicholas Buenviaje Email: D11.CleanCA@dot.ca.gov
Phone: (619) 688-6723

Imperial County:

  • Calexico International Gateway Project- $1.9 Million to install a gateway monument, and beautify the areas at the State Route 7 connection with Nina Lee Road near the U.S./Mexico Border with decorative inert material like boulders and gravel.
  • Imperial County Community Improvements Project- $3.8 Million to beautify and improve locations by installing bus stop shelters in Holtville, Brawley, and Calipatria, and enhancing roadway medians and pedestrian safety improvements in El Centro along State Routes 86.

San Diego County:

  • Boston Avenue Community Improvements- $2.5 million to repurpose 3.5 acres of unused State Right of Way to develop open green space and a meandering pedestrian/bike path along Interstate 5 between 29th Street and 32nd Street in Barrio Logan.
  • Bridge Safety Enhancements- $8.5 million to install safety elements and slope paving, hardscaping, fencing, and vegetation management at 30 locations along Interstate 5, Interstate 8, and State Route 94.
  • Downtown Ramona Improvements- $1.2 million to improve walkability and safety of the Ramona Business District with textured and colored enhanced paving, crosswalks, and painted light posts at State Route 78 and State Route 67.
  • City Heights Community Enhancements- $640,000 to beautify areas near Interstate 15 Transit Plazas at University Avenue and El Cajon Boulevard with artistic elements like murals, planter box art, and community banners.
  • Downtown San Diego Art Installation- $1.2 million to beautify freeway infrastructure on Interstate 5 between 2nd and 6th Avenue near Downtown, the San Diego International Airport, and Balboa Park.
  • Escondido Gateway Project- $1.9 million to construct a community identifiable gateway monument, native landscaping and hardscaping on State Route 78 near North Broadway, and install decorative wrought iron fence artwork near the Escondido Creek Trail.
  • National City Community Improvements- $3.2 million to enhance areas along Interstate 805 and Plaza Boulevard with decorative inert material, landscaping, lighting, grading, and pedestrian and bike improvements.
  • San Ysidro International Gateway- $2.5 million to replace the existing “Bienvenidos a California” (Welcome to California) monument built in the early 1970’s, and add energy-efficient accent lighting, drought tolerant landscaping, and artistic elements on Interstate 5 and Interstate 805 near the U.S./Mexico Border.
  • Vista Community Improvements- $1.9 million to rehabilitate existing roadway conditions near the city gateway at State Route 78 and Vista Village Drive with landscape, groundcover, tree planting, and artistic inert material like gravel and boulders.

District: 12
Contact: Christianne Smith
Phone: (424) 413-1104

  •  Upgrade the Caltrans Work Program parking lot in Santa Ana, including installation of decorative fencing and access gates, and upgrading the paving around the parking lot. Local artwork will be added to the parking lot fence and areas within the project limits.
  • Enhance the bike and pedestrian path under Interstate 5 at El Horno Street in San Juna Capistrano.
  • Create a pocket park along the Santiago Creek Bike trail in Orange.
  • Installation of a gateway monument in Placentia.
  • Install safety measures along SR-74 and SR-142 to help deter illegal dumping and access in unincorporated areas of Orange County and Brea.

In addition to these awards for Clean California projects along the state right-of-way, the Governor in December announced the availability of almost $300 million in grants to cities and counties for local projects that will clean and beautify neighborhood streets, parks, and transit centers throughout California. Caltrans will review the project proposals from cities, counties, transit agencies, tribal governments, and other governmental entities and announce grant recipients on March 1. The Governor’s California Blueprint proposes an additional $100 million to fund additional local Clean California grants.

Over three years, Clean California will remove an additional 1.2 million cubic yards, or 21,000 tons, of trash from the state system alone – enough to fill the Rose Bowl three times over. The initiative has already resulted in 6,300 tons of litter removed from the State Highway System and, to date, Caltrans has hired 528 new team members, including 428 maintenance workers who collect litter and perform maintenance duties like graffiti removal.