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Kelly Ewing-Toledo
Deputy District Director
Division of Environmental Planning


Environmental Documents

Notice of Intent to Adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration and Categorical Exclusion for the State Route 39 and State Route 71 Seismic Retrofit and Bridge Rail Upgrade Project (PDF)

Notice of Determination for Negative Declaration and FONSI for State Route 14 and Avenue N Interchange Improvements Project (PDF)

Notice of Availability, FONSI and Revalidation for Route 1 Rock Slope Protection Project (PDF) EA 31820

Notice of Intent to Adopt a Negative Declaration and Notice of Availability (NOA) of an Environmental Assessment for the San Gabriel River Bridge Rail Upgrade and Widening Project

San Gabriel River Bridge Rail Upgrade and Widening Project

SR-118 Weigh Station Project Draft Initial Study

SR-39 Reopening Draft EIR-EA February 2024 (PDF)

SR-39 Reopening Notice of Availability (NOA) Agencies Letter  (PDF)

SR-39 Reopening Public Hearing Presentation (PDF)

State Route 1 (SR-1/Lincoln Boulevard) Multimodal Improvements Project (PDF)

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