District 6 Transportation Planning

Vision & Mission

District 6 Planning and Local Assistance's vision is to be valued for its expertise in providing sound and innovative services and products that enhance the total transportation network.

Our mission is to provide transportation planning which offers a balanced, efficient, cost effective and integrated multimodal transportation system which not only ensures access and connectivity within the county, region and state, but one which also reflects partnerships and participation of our local communities, stakeholders, transportation agencies and local jurisdictions through clear and effective communication.


Gail Miller
Deputy District Director
Planning, Local Programs, and Environmental Analysis
Phone: (559) 488-4115
Fax: (559) 445-6173

Alec Kimmel
Acting Senior Transportation Planner
(559) 445-5867
System Planning 

Michael Navarro
Senior Transportation Planner
(559) 445-5868
Transportation Planning (North)

Michael Navarro
Senior Transportation Planner
(559) 488-4342
Transportation Planning (South)

Eric Olson
Senior Transportation Engineer
(559) 488-4334
Technical Planning

James Perrault Senior Transportation Engineer
(559) 445-5417
Local Assistance

Shane Gunn
Senior Environmental Planner
(559) 445-6310
Environmental Analysis 

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