District 6 Local Assistance

Caltrans' Local Assistance Program oversees more than one billion dollars annually available to over 600 cities, counties and regional agencies for the purpose of improving their transportation infrastructure or providing transportation services. This funding comes from various Federal and State programs specifically designed to assist the transportation needs of local agencies. Annually, over 1,200 new projects are authorized through the Local Assistance Program of which approximately 700 are construction projects.

The Local Assistance Program, made up of the Division of Local Assistance in Headquarters and 12 District Local Assistance Offices, assists Local and Regional Agencies by ensuring specific program requirements are met, project applications are processed, and projects are delivered in accordance with Federal and State requirements. The overhead associated with providing this support is only $27 M, or 2% of the capital funds that flow through to the local agencies.

As one of twelve District Local Assistance Offices under the Local Assistance Program, we provide assistance to Local and Regional Agencies in the Counties of Fresno, Kern, Kings, Madera, and Tulare to help meet Federal and State requirements in order to receive funding for various Transportation projects and services.

Program Information

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Specific Program Information

District 6 Local Assistance Program Contacts
Program Contact Phone Email
ADA/EEO Rodney Bowen (559) 488-7304 Rodney.Bowen@dot.ca.gov
ATP - Active Transportation Program Pedram Mafi (559) 981-7400 Pedram.Mafi@dot.ca.gov
BTA - Bicycle Transportation Account Kirk Anderson (559) 981-1037 Kirk.Anderson@dot.ca.gov
CMAQ/RSTP/TEA AB 1012 Compliance James Perrault (559) 289-9587 James.Perrault@dot.ca.gov
Cooperative Work Agreement Coordinator Susan Kawate (559) 981-7290 Susan.Kawate@dot.ca.gov
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Rodney Bowen (559) 488-7304 Rodney.Bowen@dot.ca.gov
EEM - Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation Program Kirk Anderson (559) 981-1037 Kirk.Anderson@dot.ca.gov
ER - Emergency Relief Program Susan Kawate (559) 981-7290 Susan.Kawate@dot.ca.gov
Federal/State Exchange Match Noel Bucu (559) 445-5833 Noel.Bucu@dot.ca.gov
HBP - Highway Bridge Program Kirk Anderson (559) 981-1037 Kirk.Anderson@dot.ca.gov
HSIP - Highway Safety Improvement Program Charles Garabedian (559) 981-7305 Charles.Garabedian@dot.ca.gov
Inactive Projects Coordinator Susan Gonzalez (559) 981-7374 Susan.Gonzalez@dot.ca.gov
Maintained Mileage Mohsen Sanawi (559) 324-7718 Mohsen.Sanawi@dot.ca.gov
Planning, Programming, and Monitoring Susan Kawate (559) 981-7290 Susan.Kawate@dot.ca.gov
Quality Assurance Program Kirk Anderson (559) 981-1037 Kirk.Anderson@dot.ca.gov
Safe Routes to School (SR2S and SRTS) Mohsen Sanawi (559) 324-7718 Mohsen.Sanawi@dot.ca.gov