District 6 Environmental Analysis

Environmental Analysis

Environmental Analysis is a unit within the Division of Planning and Local Programs. This unit provides environmental analysis and technical support for Local Assistance and Maintenance projects, along with environmental review for Local Development/Intergovernmental Review and encroachment permits. The unit is also responsible for coordinating with other agencies, reviewing documents of other Federal, State, and local agencies as well as participating as a representative on environmental issues at inter- or intra-departmental meetings, public or private meetings, and hearings.

For more information on Local Assistance, please visit the District 6 Local Assistance site.

For more information on Planning, please visit the District 6 Transportation Planning site.

For more information on Maintenance, please visit the District 6 Maintenance site.

Environmental Analysis Contacts:

Shane GunnSenior Environmental Planner
shane.gunn@dot.ca.gov, (559) 445-6310

John Whitehouse, Associate Environmental Planner (Arch)
john.whitehouse@dot.ca.gov, (559) 445-6312

Elmer Llamas, Associate Environmental Planner (N/S)
elmer.llamas@dot.ca.gov, (559) 445-6314

Todd Barosso, Associate Environmental Planner (N/S)
todd.barosso@dot.ca.gov, (559) 445-6311

Rachel Padilla, Associate Environmental Planner
rachel.padilla@dot.ca.gov, (559) 445-6313

Monica “Alex” Rangel, Associate Environmental Planner
alex.rangel@dot.ca.gov, (559) 445-6315