Guadalupe Active Partnership for Signalization and CAPM to Santa Maria (GAPS-CAPM)

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Project Description

ADA Curb Ramp and Sidewalk Improvements

The project will upgrade or replace 98 curb ramps to conform to American Disability Act standards. Approximately 5,550 linear feet of sidewalk will be added to the north and south side of Highway 166 starting at the intersection of Highway 166 and Highway 1. On the south side of Highway 166, the project will add approximately 630 feet of sidewalk past Flower Ave; on the north side of Highway 166, the sidewalk will end at Flower Ave.

Sign Panel and Guardrail Upgrades

The project will include 9 large sign replacements. Also, the project will upgrade approximately 1,637 linear feet of guardrail to meet the Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware standards.


The project will include approximately 2,000 linear feet of drainage ditch improvements on the south side of Highway 166 from the Highway 1 intersection to 0.1 miles past Flower Ave. Sediment control features will be integrated into the ditch to help alleviate sediment build up during peak flows and farm runoff.

On the north side of Highway 166 from Highway 1 to Flower Avenue, a portion of the open drainage ditch running next to the highway will be culverted. The project will convert approximately 1,280 feet of the ditch into a closed culvert, including small sections of the ditch that run under roads intersecting Highway 166.

East of Flower Avenue, no roadside ditches will be impacted by the project. 

Intersection Improvements

Highway 166 and Highway 1 Intersection

The project will replace the stop sign-controlled intersection at Highway 166 and Highway 1 with signalization. The roadway will be widened along Highway 1 and Highway 166 to accommodate additional turning lanes.  The North, East, and South legs of the intersection will have left turn lanes added. The signals will incorporate Transportation Management Systems, which are electronic detection systems that help collect data on traffic patterns at the intersection.

Highway 166 and Obispo Street Intersection

The project will add signalization at the Highway 166 and Obispo Street intersection and will incorporate Transportation Management Systems.

Highway 166 and Flower Ave Intersection

The project will add a two-way stop sign for traffic control at the Highway 166 and Flower Ave intersection and add left turn lanes to the North, East, and South legs of the intersection.

Union Pacific Railroad

Improvements will be made on the Union Pacific Railroad at-grade crossing with the inclusion of a pre-signal. The pre-signal will be a traffic light that stretches across the road before the railroad crossing. A raised median will be added where the railroad crosses Highway 166 and signal arms will be placed on either side of the median. Roadway pavement marking and striping will be incorporated to align with these changes at and near the railroad crossing

Bike Lanes

Approximately 1.04 miles of Class 2 bike lanes will be added on the east and westbound lanes of Highway 166 from the intersection of Highway 1 to approximately 0.1 miles past Flower Ave.

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Project Benefits


The purpose of the project is to:

  • Preserve and extend the life of the existing pavement.
  • Improve the collection of traffic data.
  • Update guardrail to Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware standards.
  • Replace signs and update curb ramps to meet American Disability Act compliance.
  • Increase utility of intersections for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.
  • Improve multimodal access.


  • The Caltrans Pavement Management System Report indicated State Route 166 is exhibiting minor surface distress and unacceptable ride quality, which if left uncorrected, will deteriorate to a major roadway rehabilitation need.
  • Existing traffic census stations have reached the end of their service life or will be damaged during construction related activities.
  • Sections of guardrails within the project limits do not meet the Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware standards and spot locations of curb ramps do not meet current Americans with Disabilities Act standards.
  • According to the Guadalupe Mobility & Revitalization Plan, bike lanes and sidewalks on State Route 166 near the City of Guadalupe are insufficient for future development.
  • The flow of traffic is projected to deteriorate over time and, if left uncorrected, will reach unsatisfactory levels.



  • California Transportation Commission
  • City of Guadalupe
  • Santa Barbara County Association of Governments
  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Proposed Project Schedule

Process Date
Virtual Public Meeting May 2024
Final environmental document to be completed August 2024
Right-of-way acquisition to be completed December 2025
Design to be completed April 2026
Advertise July 2026
Construction to begin November 2026
Construction to be completed August 2027


Project Contact

Lucas Marsalek, Senior Environmental Scientist
Phone: 805-458-5408

Laura Riccardelli, Environmental Scientist
Phone: 805-319-0163

Meg Henry, Project Manager
Phone: 805-441-3792

Public Information Office, Caltrans District 5
Phone: 805-549-3318



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Virtual Public Meeting Information

A virtual public meeting will be streamed on the WebEx platform on May 16, 2024, at 6:00 p.m.  
You may join the meeting by mobile device or by phone.

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Title VI Information

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