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The future of the State Route 37 Corridor requires finding solutions to traffic congestion and periodic flooding. But it will also require balancing transportation needs with protecting and enhancing sensitive marshland habitats. Planning a long-term solution presents an opportunity to provide bicycle, pedestrian, transit, and carpool options for all travelers. Caltrans is working with its partner agencies, The Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the four North Bay County Transportation Agencies to develop a more resilient corridor.

But We Need Your Help!

Please provide us with your thoughts and suggestions on planning a more resilient, reliable, safer, facility for all travelers!

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SR 37 is an important regional connection linking the north, east and west SF Bay Region following along the northern shore of San Pablo Bay.  This 21-mile long roadway from US 101 to I-80 connects job markets and housing within Marin, Sonoma, Napa and Solano counties.

SR37 Project Home Page Map Overview

  • Segment A:   US 101 (Novato) in Marin County to SR 121 (Sears Point) in Sonoma County:  4-Lane Expressway
  • Click here for virtual tour of Segment A
  • Segment B:    SR 121 (Sears Point) in Sonoma County to Mare Island (Vallejo) in Solano County: 2-Lane Highway
  • Segment C:    Mare Island (Vallejo) to I-80 Interchange in Solano County: 4-Lane Freeway


                     Current Projects 

                                                                Caltrans Repaves Section of State Route 37 in Sonoma County